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Dartmouth GK-12 Project:
Fostering Scientific Creativity by Building Connections and Improving Science Communication Skills, 2010-2015

Dartmouth GK-12 Project

The 2014-2015 academic year was the final year of the five-year NSF funded Dartmouth GK12 Program. If you are interested in having a graduate student work with you on a curricular piece, please contact Amanda Skinner, Assistant Director of Outreach. 


The goal of the Dartmouth GK-12 Project was to integrate resources into sustainable initiatives that i) expanded opportunities for professional development of graduate students and ii) built Dartmouth’s capacity to translate research to broad audiences.  We sought to achieve this goal by developing a program that enabled Graduate Fellows to improve their communication skills through interactions with diverse audiences and to gain a more contextualized and nuanced understanding of their research by learning to view their work from alternative perspectives. 

The Dartmouth GK-12 Project provided funding and support for 44 graduate students from STEM disciplines across Dartmouth to work with middle and high school teachers from local schools – many of which were under-resourced rural schools - to develop inquiry-based activities designed to increase the understanding of, and interest in, science of more than 1500 middle school students. Graduate Fellows received training related to teaching, learning, communication, assessment, and creativity throughout their year-long fellowship. Graduate Fellows had opportunities to teach middle and high school students and were mentored by their Partner Teachers as well as GK-12 Program Staff.

The inquiry-based activities developed by GK-12 Fellows and their Partner Teachers are available for use by the public.




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