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Food Day

Feed your body and mind with events all month long in celebration of Food Day, including the Great Apple Crunch on October 23 at 3:30 pm on the Green! Click here for a full list of events.


Join Team "Wellness Heroes" at the CHaD HERO event on October 18th!

This team of faculty, staff, family, and friends is on a mission to help all kids served by CHaD by providing funding for critical programs. Be a HERO and register for the 5K walk or run, the 10K wooded hike, the half-marathon, the Cam's Fun Run for kids, or volunteer and help raise funds for CHaD!

Register here to become a HERO.

Interested in Weight Watchers at Work?

Email Barbara Belloir ( if you're interested in joining a new Weight Watchers at Work group that will be starting soon on the Hanover campus.  

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Community Events: Related to General Health

4th Annual Wellness Event for Faculty & Staff - 10/6/15

Relax and recharge at this year's 4th Annual Wellness Event on Tuesday, October 6th from 10 AM - 2 PM at Alumni Hall (Hopkins Center).  

Enjoy the activities listed below, visit with campus partners, sample healthful snacks, receive a free yoga mat and enter to win prizes such as an Alumni Gym membership, a FLIP class, a Dartmouth Skiway Freedom Pass, a gift certificate to a local yoga studio or spa, a light box to boost your mood, or a chair massage event for your office!

Events will also take place at DHMC and Centerra - scroll to the bottom of this page for details.

Free Activities Offered - registration is open!

  • Biometric Health Screenings
    • Includes blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, Body Mass Index, and waist circumference
    • Click here to register.
  • Chair Massage
    • Includes a 10-minute seated massage
    • Click here to register.
  • Flu Shots offered by Dick's House
    • Click here to register.
  • Mini Wellness Workshops - click here to register.
    • 10 AM - 10:20 AM -- Move It, Bend It! Stretching for Computer Users, Denise Finch, OTD, OTR/L, CHT
      • Staying in one position, even with good posture is not recommended. Whether you stand or sit at your workstation, stretching provides a means of increasing circulation and improving body alignment. In this session we will review a series of stretches you can do in your work area that will help you feel energized and balanced.
    • 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM -- PiYo Strength, Maddie May
      • If you love core conditioning and strength training, PiYo® Strength is your answer. This unique format shares the core-strengthening foundations of yoga and pilates, and builds it into a rhythmic, dynamic and intense workout designed to build strength and gain flexibility. While focusing on energy, power and rhythm, this format calls for yoga rebels! Beginners welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing with bare feet (comfortable work attire is acceptable however some sweating may occur so workout attire may be preferred). Yoga mats will be provided, or please bring your own.
    • 11 AM - 11:20 AM -- Getting Things Done: Be and Feel More in Control, John Steidl
      • Sharing key lessons from the full-length Getting Things Done workshop, we'll briefly discuss three specific strategies for staying more in control of your day, both at work and at home.
    • 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM -- Fundamental Yoga, Maddie May
      • This class will help beginners learn the basics of yoga and healthy alignments but will also help the more experienced practitioner to fine-tune and adjust their yoga experience. The focus of this class to to break down postures to learn principle of alignment and transitions for safety and a deeper awareness on your mat. The class is taught as flow style yoga with great attention to the breath. All abilities welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing with bare feet (comfortable work attire is appropriate).  Yoga mats will be provided, or please bring your own.
    • 12 PM - 12:20 PM -- Functional Training, Carolyn Hooper Goetinck
      • It's all good and well to stand on one leg, but our everyday world is dynamic and demands movement. We change positions, change directions, and change postures, all while moving forward, backward, sideways, and turning.  From the challenges of daily living to sports performance training for athletes, it is important to train dynamic, functional, movement-based balance as part of an overall strategy for becoming strong, moving well, and staying safe.  This workshop will give you an opportunity to learn more about training dynamic balance, and how to train balance in a way that is right for you!  Appropriate for all abilities and age levels. Please wear comfortable clothing (comfortable work attire is appropriate).
    • 12:30 PM - 12:50 PM -- Unlock the Potential of Great Sleep, Chris Spelman, Health Coach at Dartmouth Health Connect
      • In our busy modern lives, people sleep less than ever, yet our biological needs remain unchanged. Sleep is essential for cognitive performance, memory, immune functioning, hormone regulation, weight management, and physical restoration. Join health coach Chris Spelman for a lively discussion about the many ways you can improve the duration and quality of your sleep.
    • 1 PM - 1:20 PM -- Stretching & Foam Roller Technique, Jon Dame 
      • Learn the importance of pre and post-workout stretching for mobility and performance. Go beyond your traditional stretches and experience some self massage techniques with a foam roller.  Please wear comfortable clothing (comfortable work attire is appropriate).  Mats and foam rollers will be provided.  Session is full. 
    • 1:30 PM - 1:50 PM -- Introduction to Tai Chi, Claudia Henrion
      • Tai Chi is a relaxing form of exercise that builds strength, awareness, and balance. It is helpful for reducing stress and strengthening the immune system, as well as regulating both mind and body. Open to people of all ages and abilities. Please wear comfortable clothing (comfortable work attire is appropriate).

Wellness Events - DHMC & Centerra

Enjoy free biometric health screenings and chair massage, receive a free yoga mat, enter prize drawings and more!

    • Wednesday, 10/7 from 10 AM - 2 PM - DHMC, Level 5, East Mall
    • Thursday, 10/8 from 10 AM - 2 PM - 41 Centerra, Room 334

 Click here to register.


To facilitate employee participation at the upcoming Wellness Events, we ask that managers be as flexible as is operationally feasible with employees' schedules to allow employees to attend for 60 minutes.

For the Wellness Event, hourly paid staff attending during your regular workday should consider the 60 minutes of time attending to be hours worked and record it as such on your time sheets. You are not expected to use personal or vacation time nor to make up the time elsewhere. If you are not regularly scheduled to work during this time, you are still welcome to attend on your own time, but the hours should not be recorded as worked. For 2nd and 3rd shift employees, or others who may not be able to make it to the event, please reach out to to see how we may be able to bring the Wellness Team to your department.


Last Updated: 9/25/15