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Sex Signals

In 2010, Dartmouth College began using Catharsis Productions: Sex Signals program as part of the College's New Student Orientation (in September) program to address issues of sexual assault with all incoming students. Goals of the program include, students gaining an understanding of:

  • the definition of active consent
  • rape as a moral issue
  • the intersection of alcohol and sexual assault
  • the importance of bystander intervention
  • the impact that rape has on the victim

Sex Signals "Combines improvisation and audience interaction to examine how social pressures, unrealistic fantasies, power inequity, and false preconceptions of the other sex lead to problems in dating and possibly sexual assault (" 

Click HERE for a video clip or to learn more about Catharsis Productions: Sex Signals program

 catharsis productions

The 16s were asked, "Would YOU recommend that we bring 'Sex Signals' back for the 17s next year? Why or why Not?"

The responses were a resounding "Yes! Definitely!" with responses like,

"The topics covered are essential for every college student despite their background with sex."
~'16 male

"It gives us an opportunity to ask some potentially awkward questions."
~'16 female

"I would, the show brought up tense topics in a way that promoted interest and ease."
~'16 male

"Throughout orientation the freshman are pounded with a lot of information. The humor and showmanship of Sex Signals allows the information to be conveyed in a fun, memorable way (unlike other programs)"
~'16 male

"Because it was a fun way to get students thinking about some serious issues."
~16 female

"Because ppl should know that consent is sexy."
~16 female

Last Updated: 4/4/14