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There are a variety of ways to get involved around the issues of relationship and sexual violence. Here are just a few:

  • Get educated about the issues. (Click HERE)
  • Attend programs and events around the issues (Click HERE)
  • Join a student group that works to address the issues here at Dartmouth! (read below)

Sexual Assault Peer Advisors (SAPA)
Sexual Assault Peer Advisors serve as a campus resource to those students who have been confronted with issues of sexual abuse and/or intimate partner violence. These students work with survivors of abuse (either recently or in the past), or secondary survivors (UGAs, friends, family, or partners). A SAPA provides support, referrals, and advocacy. SAPA is a peer advising group sponsored by Dartmouth College's Department of Student Health Promotion & Wellness. The Sexual Assault Awareness Program Coordinator serves as the advisor. For more information click HERE or blitz SAPA

Student Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault (SPCSA)
The purpose of the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault is to serve as an intermediary between students and the larger Dartmouth community, including the administration, faculty and alumni of the college. The SPCSA produces cross-campus efforts to prevent and address sexual assault. They also aim to enhance the effectiveness of and communication between other working groups. In addition, the SPCSA seeks to promote a vision of community and interpersonal safety that is related, but not limited, to issues of sexual assault. For more information click HERE or blitz SPCSA

Movement Against Violence (MAV)
Movement Against Violence (MAV), formerly Mentors Against Violence is a COSO student organization aimed at educating its peers about all forms of violence, focusing on sexual violence. MAVs facilitate discussion of proactive approaches to preventing sexual assault among Greek and affinity houses, athletic teams, residence halls, and all student organizations. MAV also participates in programming that seeks to change the social norms at Dartmouth and help foster an environment free from sexual assault and violence. For more information click HERE or blitz MAV

Sexperts serve as campus educational programmers. They coordinate campus-wide education and respond to requests for peer education around issues of healthy sexuality, pleasure-based sexuality, STIs and contraception. Sexperts also provide confidential advising services for students who wish to speak to a peer on an individual basis. As a group, they strive to be inclusive and address all members of the Dartmouth student population. Sexperts is a sexual health peer-advising group sponsored by Dartmouth College's Department of Student Health Promotion & Wellness. The Coordinator of Health Education Programs serves as the advisor. For more information click HERE or blitz Sexperts

V-Day Dartmouth
V-Day Dartmouth is a COSO student organization that plans the annual V-Week events at Dartmouth. For more information or to get involved Blitz VDay.

If you would like to learn more about sexual abuse and power-based personal violence prevention efforts on campus, contact the Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP) coordinators for more information.

Last Updated: 4/10/14