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What to do if you or someone you know is sexually assaulted

  1. Get to a safe place. 

    -Your safety is the HIGHEST priority. If you feel unsafe, contact the Hanover Police at 911 or the Department of Safety & Security (DoSS) at 603-646-3333 IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Reach out for support

    -You should not have to go through this alone. The resources listed below or to the right of this page, friends and family members can help you work through this experience and help you begin the healing process.

  3. Seek medical attention to check for and treat injuries and to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI) and pregnancy.

  4. Consider having evidence collected. If you choose to report the assault and pursue legal options, physical evidence can be important. Forensic evidence can be collected by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) up to 5 days after the assault. 

    -If you need a ride to or from the hospital Dartmouth's Department of Safety & Security (DoSS) can escort you 24/7 at no charge.
    -If you decide to go to the hospital, here are some things to keep in mind

  5. Consider reporting the assault to the Hanover Police or to Dartmouth's Department of Safety & Security (DoSS).

    -If you under 21 and were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time of the assault you will NOT be charged for using. Sexual assault is a crime in all 50 states and no matter the details of the incident, it was NOT your fault. You have the right to be safe!

  6. Consider reaching out to other campus resources at Dartmouth.

    -SAAP Coordinators can get you connected with all of the resources, talk with you about your options and support you through the healing process.

    -Undergraduate Deans can assist in providing academic and residential support or help you obtain a No Contact Order (NCO). 

    -Undergraduate Judicial Affairs can supply information about the College's disciplinary process.

    -Counselors at Dick's House can assist in the recovery process.

    -Health Services at Dick's House can provide follow-up medical care. 

  7. Remember: It was NOT your fault.

    -Healing from a sexual assault takes time, but people can and do recover. Give yourself as much time as you need. It is never to late to get support. 

Resource Information



Emergency Resources (available 24/7)

  • Department of Safety & Security (DoSS):
    603-646-3333 (for emergencies)
    -Available 24/7
    Services provided: The Department of Safety & Security (DoSS) can assist you in filing an 'Incident Report' with the College to report an incident of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking or harassment (you can choose to include your name, remain anonymous, or make a report as a third party). DoSS can help you obtain a 'No Contact Order' (NCO) or 'No Trespass Order' to assist in keeping an alleged perpetrator from contacting you or coming onto Dartmouth's property. DoSS can also provide information about how the College can provide increased security, investigate an incident, provide Safe Rides, do 'Welfare Checks' and/or connect you with additional campus and community resources.
  • Hanover Police Department (HPD):
    911 (for emergencies)
    -Available 24/7

  • Counseling & Human Development (CHD): 
    603-646-3333 (evenings & weekends call the DoSS and ask for the Counselor-on-Call)

  • Dick's House Inpatient Department (IPD):
    603-646-3333 (if you need a ride call DoSS and ask them to take you to Dick's House for medical care)
    Services provided: The Inpatient Nurses at Dick's House offer follow-up care for student survivors after an incident of sexual assault or after a medical evidence collection kit (i.e. rape kit) has been conducted at DHMC. Follow-up care includes treatment for injuries, prophylactic treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and emergency contraception (EC) for female survivors to prevent pregnancy after an assault. If you plan to have medical evidence collected (i.e. a rape kit), you will want to have this completed at DHMC before receiving health care services from IPD, this is to prevent any evidence from being destroyed that could help in a prosecution. DoSS can take you to DHMC to have medical evidence collected. 
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC):
    911 (for emergencies)
    -Call DOSS for a ride to the hospital

  • WISE
    1-866-348-9473 (24-hour Crisis Hotline)

  • Safe Ride
    603-646-3333 (for emergencies)
    Services provided: Safe Ride student drivers will pick up any student who needs a ride home and escort them to their residence. They are dispatched through DoSS and operate fall, winter and spring term for 9pm-4am. If you need a Safe Ride outside of these times, a Safety and Security officer will be able to provide assistance to you. Safe Rides are only offered to students who are by themselves. 

    For help navigating these and other resources contact a SAAP Coordinator. SAAP Coordinators are NOT available 24/7, but the Counselor-on-Call or an advocate from WISE are trained and can address your immediate concerns and assist you in navigating other critical services in an emergency 24/7. Their information is listed above. 

Additional Campus Resources (available M-F 8AM-5PM)

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP) Coordinator:
    603-646-9414 (Department of Student Health Promotion & Wellness)
    Blitz: SAAP

  • Sexual Assault Peer Advisor (SAPA):
    Blitz SAPA
  • Health Services (Dick's House):
    603-646-9401 (M-F 8AM-6PM to schedule an appointment)
    603-646-9440 (evenings and weekends during the academic year)
    Services provided: The health care providers at Dick's House offer follow-up care for student survivors after a sexual assault and/or after a medical evidence collection kit (i.e. rape kit) has been conducted at DHMC. Follow-up care includes treatment for injuries, prophylactic treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and emergency contraception (EC) for female survivors to prevent pregnancy after an assault. Primary Care Providers also offers preventive gynecological exams, STI testing, treatment and counseling, contraception/family planning counseling and other services for sexual health concerns to students and their partners. Students may schedule an appointment (without sharing medical specifics). Be sure to mention that your need is urgent if this is the case, so that you can be seen quickly.
  • Undergraduate Dean's Office:

  • Office of Pluralism & Leadership (OPAL):

  • Title IX Coordinator
    Services Provided: Any student, faculty or staff member, or participant in any Dartmouth-sponsored activity who has concerns about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of the Title IX Coordinator. Contact the Coordinator if you: Wish to understand your options if you think you have encountered sex discrimination or sexual misconduct; Learn of a situation that you feel may warrant investigation; Need help on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected.
  • Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office (UJAO):

  • Center for Gender & Student Engagement (CGSE):

Community Resources

  • Hanover Police Department (HPD):
    911 (for emergencies)
    -Available 24/7

  • WISE:
    1-866-348-9473 (24-hour Crisis Hotline)

  • Dartheart:
    Services provided: DartHeart, a nonprofit organization, is an online peer support network for students with post traumatic stress. They provide resources and opportunities for student survivors to unite online and offer mentorship to each other and their communities about the realities of life after trauma. The organization is run by Dartmouth alumni survivors of trauma with guidance from health care professionals and supportive members of the community.

National Resources


For more information, you may refer to the Dartmouth College Policy on Sexual Misconduct located in the Student Handbook.


Last Updated: 4/1/14