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Hourly Student Minimum Wage Increase 2022

last updated November 22, 2021

Dartmouth announced on October 11, 2021 that the minimum wage for student employees will be increasing to $11.50 per hour.  This increase will be effective starting Winter term 2022. The Student Employment Office is working closely with our colleagues in Finance on all facets of this positive development. 



What SEO has done so far:

We have updated our "Recommended Student Hourly Rate Structure & Guidelines for Student Wage" document (pdf) as a tool for employers striving to set a fair and equitable student wage, effective Winter Term 2022. Changes include:

  • Updated suggested pay range minimum/maximum for three pay grades
  • Change in recommended longevity pay increases: now recommending 2% increase every other term employee returns to position; Employers may find this 2% wage increase increment worksheet (excel) helpful.
  • Updated SEO Handbook with pay information


What employers need to do:

  1. Clear the slate!
    Terminate positions for every student employee who will not be working for you next term (winter) no later than Tuesday, November 30
    to prevent SEO from automatically re-hiring these students at the new minimum for your position (see next point).
    • Not sure who is in Kronos for a particular job? Create a “Student Transaction Downloadable Report” in the PA Smart Form. The manual gives instructions starting on page 13.
  1. Re-Hire employees continuing from fall to winter:
    If employers have any student employees who:
    1. Worked in Fall 2021 & will continue working in the same position next term (winter) and
    2. Student is currently earning less than $11.50/hour, then:
    3. Employer should submit a PA SmartForm transaction to Create/Update Assignment in Kronos with the newly updated payrate by December 2.
    • If the employer takes no action by December 2, SEO will create the PA to re-hire this student employee for you @ $11.50/hr, effective 12/26/2021.
  1. Tell us your new pay rate!
    If you are making any changes to your position’s pay rate or description, please let us know via email. Be sure to include the Jobnet number.
    • Not sure your position listing says? Look up your position description and associated pay rate using the Jobnet Look-up tool.


What SEO will be doing in December:

  1. Review the inventory of all student positions in JOBNET, then update the pay rate for any positions in our system that are less than the new minimum wage of $11.50/hour.
  2. On December 1, 2021, work with Kronos Admin to automatically terminate any positions for student employees who have not recorded time in that position over the past 2 pay periods (October 31 - November 27).
  3. Between December 2 and December 15:
    • inventory all student hourly positions still in Kronos at a pay rate of less than $11.50/hour
    • re-hire each student into the same position with the new pay rate of $11.50/hour. We will not change the chartstring or supervisors.
  4. Collaborate with Payroll to ensure that no students are paid under $11.50/hour in any pay periods starting 12/26/2021.
  5. Work with IT to update PASF pop-up messages related to minimum pay to indicate the tipped minimum ($5.18/hr) and non-tipped minimum ($11.50/hr) pay rates.