Student Employee Problem Resolution Process

Most work-related problems experienced by students can be resolved quickly, informally, and fairly at the level at which they arise. Students are encouraged to bring the matter to the attention of their immediate supervisor(s), who should work with the student to expeditiously resolve the matter to the mutual satisfaction of those involved, and in a manner consistent with College policies and practices. 

If a student employee is experiencing difficulty at the workplace, it is important for the student employee to discuss the issue(s) with their supervisor. It is perfectly acceptable for a student employee to request a meeting with their supervisor to discuss: 

  • job knowledge and training needs 
  • scheduling conflicts 
  • interpersonal issues or conflicts in the workplace 
  • other factors that may be affecting work performance

In the event that the student employee’s concerns involve their work relationship or communications with their supervisor, or their attempts to resolve the issue with their supervisor have not resulted in a mutually agreeable solution, the student may choose to pursue the matter directly with the department head. At any time during the process, the student, supervisor, or department head may request that the Student Employment Office attempt to facilitate resolution of the matter. Such requests should be made to the Student Employment Office, which will serve as liaison to the Director of Employee Relations or Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, as applicable.

Requests should be in writing, providing a summary of the problem, the efforts (if any) made to resolve the problem, and the ultimate result of those efforts. The Director of Employee Relations or a designee will hear both sides of the dispute and obtain such other information as is deemed appropriate to reach a resolution in a manner consistent with College policies and practices. 


Nothing contained in this process is intended to alter the at-will employment relationship between the College and its employees or to create legally enforceable contractual rights. Despite the availability of the corrective action process, the College reserves the right to terminate a student’s employment at any time when it is in the College’s best interests to do so, as determined by the supervisor in consultation with the Student Employment Office as necessary.