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Information for Parents

Parents can assist students in finding employment and academic balance and in succeeding in the workplace.

Three major ways that parents can assist their students are:

1.  Help to ensure your student has the necessary documentation and identification to complete mandatory employment forms.  Please refer to our Required Paperwork for New Student Employees Checklist to see what documentation is needed to start working at Dartmouth. The required documents must be the original copy. We cannot accept photocopies, pdfs, or faxes.  Students must fill out this paperwork within three days of beginning employment.  This paperwork cannot be completed until the student has secured a job.

2.  Encourage your student to explore employment opportunities while maintaining balance with their academics.  Students work an average of eight to ten hours per week, however balance is the key, and individual work commitments will vary from student to student.

3.  Talk to your students about their work.  By exploring career paths now, many students are able to identify future goals.  While maintaining employment provides positive financial benefits, the experience also assists students as they explore the myriad of options ahead.

Contact Us

Parents may reach us at The Student Employment Office or by calling (603) 646-3641.