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Department/Program Dashboard Guide

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The DartWorks Department/Program Dashboard is where each department/program monitors students’ major and minor declaration requests. The dashboard displays those students’ academic plans that they have chosen to initiate as a major or minor request for your department/program. It also includes additional information such as prerequisites, culminating experiences, and rationales associated with a declaration. The department/program may easily email one or more students from the Dashboard and submits final approved major or minor plans to the Registrar.  


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DeptDash GridView
Department/Program Dashboard Plan Detail Grid View


DartWorks Department/Program Dashboard FAQs


What is DartWorks and how do the different parts work together?

DartWorks is an interconnected online system composed of three parts: DartWorks Degree Audit, DartWorks Planner, and DartWorks Dashboard. For more information, see DartWorks Overview.


Where do I view students’ major or minor declaration plans?

It is easiest to review students’ major or minor declaration plans from the DartWorks Department/Program Dashboard. It is designed so that you do not need to go into the DartWorks Planner.

You also have access to the DartWorks Planner and can view students’ plans there. However the student may have multiple plans in the planner and has chosen a particular one to submit as a major or minor declaration, so it is important if you review a student’s plan in the DartWorks Planner instead of from the Dashboard that you know the correct name of their chosen plan.


Can I filter or sort the information in my dashboard?

Yes, you can filter the list of student requests with the filter function at the top right-hand corner of the page. You can sort each column with the arrows in the header. 


Am I able to see which students have previously declared a major or minor in my department or program and subsequently dropped it?

Yes, click on the “Drops” tab to see a list of all of the students who have previously declared and then dropped a major or minor in your department or program. From here you can click on their name to see their “Plan Detail” page.


What is the difference between “Grid View” and “List View” when I look at a student’s plan?

When you first open a student’s “Plan Detail” page the default view is set to “Grid View.” Select “List View” to display the course information in a vertical list by term, which includes the course title. 


What does it mean when I see that a student has received an “OVERLAP ERROR?”

If a student has proposed to use the same course in multiple active plans (plans associated with declarations that are either pending or approved) the system will display the following error message on their “Plan Detail” page: “*OVERLAP ERROR - Your plan has courses in a plan you submitted previously.*” Since students may not use the same course to fulfill more than one major or minor per faculty legislation (see the ORC/Catalog), keep this in mind when you review plans for approval.


Can I deny/unlock a student’s declaration after it has already been approved?

Yes, click on the student’s name to view their “Plan Detail” page and then click on the “Deny/Unlock” button. From here you can enter in a comment to help the student understand why you have denied/unlocked their request. The system will email your comment to the student as well as display it in their DartWorks Dashboard history. 


I have approved a student’s request. When will the student’s new major or minor be updated in the DartWorks Degree Audit and their transcript?

Once a faculty advisor approves a student’s major or minor declaration, the next step is for the department/program to submit it to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office then updates the student’s record so that it displays on the DartWorks Degree Audit and official transcript. Note that unlike majors, minors only display on transcripts once a student is graduated.


How do I revise or update the content of the automated email DartWorks sends to students?

Email your updates to and include DartWorks in the subject line. 


How do I revise or update the information available to students in the “Major/Minor Worksheets” tab in DartWorks?

You can view the current content of the “Major/Minor Worksheets” tab in DartWorks. Email your updates to and include DartWorks in the subject line. 


How do I get assistance or provide feedback?

In addition to these Guides the Registrar’s Office has a trained intern who will come to your area upon request to provide assistance.  In addition a Service Specialist will respond to email queries within 3 – 5 days (sooner when possible, longer in busy periods when we ask for your patience). Some technical issues may need to be forwarded to ITC at Send an email to and include DartWorks in the subject line.


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Last Updated: 8/17/20