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Office of the Registrar
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Articulation Rules Review Tool

Step 1: Click on either Faculty and Advisor menu or Administrator menu, Articulation Rules Review

Faculty and Advisor Main Menu:

Articulation Rules Review - Faculty and Advisor Main Menu


Administrator Main Menu:

Articulation Rules Review Menu

This tool allows you to review the articulation rules for your Department/Program. Click the Update List button at the top left to filter results. The list may also be downloaded to Excel using the Download List to Excel button.

 Update List & Download to Excel buttons

Articulation Rules Display List

Update Articulation List

Download List to Excel

Download to Excel                       


Step 2: The Test Type and Test field allow you to sort by the variety of test you wish to review - SAT, AP, Local Placement, etc. The Test field sorts the specific test within the test type. (This is particularly useful for departments/programs with many articulation rules.)

 Test Type Field


Step 3: If you work with multiple Subjects, sort on this field.

 Subject Field


Step 4: The Grade field allows you to sort by the transcript grade - CR (credit), EX (exemption), and PLC (placement).

Grade Field 


Please Contact the Registrar's Office with any questions: 



Last Updated: 2/12/14