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60-Second Survey, Winter 2016

Survey Questions

  1. Which of the following do you use frequently for your academic date and deadline information?
    • Term calendar on the Registrar website
    • Registrar homepage
    • Registrar emails received throughout the term
    • College-wide event calendar
    • Other (use comments area to specify)
  2. Where else would it be helpful to view or receive academic date and deadline information?
    • Text messages
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Blog
    • Other (use comments area to specify)
  3. What else would you like to tell us about viewing or receiving academic date and deadline information?
    • Comments


Survey Results

Thank you...

Students who participated in our second 60-Second survey on academic date information. Here are the results, based on 277 respondents.

Emails and the Term Calendar

The Registrar's home page and the College event calendar were referenced less frequently. Almost 60% of respondents indicate that they find the Registrar reminder emails and term calendars on our website helpful.

Text Messages for Academic Date Reminders

Over 50% of respondents indicated that they would like to receive academic date information via text message in addition to current email reminders.

What did we learn?

Despite the numerous emails students receive daily from many campus offices, students indicated it would be helpful to receive a few additional email reminders from the Registrar's Office. In particular reminders would be helpful at the start and end of registration periods, and perhaps some targeted messages to students on off-campus programs.  We were unsure whether students would want to receive text messages about academic date information, and discovered that some would appreciate them. 

What’s next?

The Registrar’s Office will add a few additional email reminders for registration periods which we plan to have in place by the fall.  We also plan to investigate options for an “opt-in” text-message reminder system.


Graphs and Comments

Survey graphs

Survey comments (selected)


Last Updated: 5/4/16