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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
Fax: (603) 646-2247
Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU

Diversity & Inclusion

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

“Dartmouth’s capacity to advance its dual mission of education and research depends upon the full diversity and inclusivity of this community. We must increase diversity, particularly among our faculty and staff. As we do so, we must also create a community in which every individual, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, nationality, political or religious views, or position within the institution, is respected. On this close-knit and intimate campus, we must ensure that every person knows that he, she, or they is a valued member of our community.

Diversity and inclusivity are necessary partners. Without inclusivity, the benefits of diversity—an increase in understanding, improvement in performance, enhanced innovation, and heightened levels of satisfaction—will not be realized.” - President Philip Hanlon ’77 - Excerpt from May 2016 Letter to the Dartmouth community


The Registrar's Office supports the College's efforts toward diversity and inclusion in many ways, including through our recruitment and retention of staff, professional development and support for Office staff, and College committee work.

Recruitment, Retention, and Staff Support

The Registrar's Office works to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all staff (frequent full staff meetings, one-on-one meetings with supervisors, team meetings, etc.) which extends to the environment we create for our students.  The Registrar’s Office staff is a mix of ages, genders, married/single, backgrounds, and ethnicities (especially when we include our student workers.)  All are exceptionally talented and hard workers despite little recognition.  They support each other, the staff in other offices, and all help to create an environment of inclusiveness where everyone has a voice.  Multiple staff of various backgrounds have been promoted within the office, of all ages and genders, and the office has one of the few female programmers.  Two staff members have earned their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree while employed full-time in the Registrar’s office.

The Registrar is heading a campus-wide “preferred/chosen name and gender identity” initiative to support all students (and eventually faculty and staff) who desire to indicate their chosen name and gender identity displayed in Banner. She chaired a policy group that met over the last year to establish college-wide policies on how this will be implemented, and has begun the initial stages of implementation with ITC.  Staff have attended several training sessions hosted by Human Resources, and staff have attended NEACRAO conference sessions on DACA and student diversity issues.  The Registrar completed her last year as Vice President for Leadership and Management Development for AACRAO, where she most recently attended a luncheon with speaker Tolu Olubunmi, Founder and CEO of Lions Write, an entrepreneur and global advocate for migrants, refugees, and displaced people.



Continued to work with multiple committees which include:

  • Committee of Chairs
  • Committee on Instruction
  • Committee on Withdrawals
  • Enrollment Committee
  • Student Systems Oversight Committee – Chair
  • Dartmouth Information Security Council
  • Language Waiver Committee (Senior Associate Registrar representative)
  • Committee on Student Life
  • Classroom Committee
  • Multiple ad hoc committees


  • AACRAO – American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Vice President for Leadership and Management Development on the Board of Directors
  • AACRAO 104th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • AACRAO Leadership Meeting, Washington, DC
  • "Hill" Day with AACRAO leadership - lobbied representatives in Congress on important higher education issues including DACA students and reverse transfer
  • NEACRAO – New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, 69th Annual Meeting, Portland, ME
  • Ivy+ Registrars Annual Meeting, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Consultant to American University of Kuwait and participation in AUK signing ceremony and luncheon with President Hanlon

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Associate/Assistant Registrars

  • NEACRAO 69th Annual Meeting, Portland, ME (3 attendees)
  • Ivy+ Registrars Annual Meeting, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (2 attendees)
  • AACRAO 104th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (1 presenter, 2 attendees)
  • AACRAO Public Policy Advisory Group (1 member)
  • AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference, New Orleans, LA (1 attendee)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, Implicit Bias in the Work Environment (5 attendees)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, Assumptions and Their Impact (1 attendee)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, DartSmart: Creating an Inclusive Work Environment (2 attendees)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, DartSmart: Policies and Practices (2 attendees)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, DartSmart: Performance Management Essentials (2 attendees)
  • Dartmouth College HR Workshop, DartSmart: The Stay Interview – Coaching for Managers (1 attendee)
  • Dartmouth College Design Thinking Workshop (1 attendee)


  • Promotion
    • Assistant Registrar for Systems, April 2018
  • Replacements
    • Service Specialist, June 2018

Last Updated: 7/18/18