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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
Fax: (603) 646-2247
Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU

Registrar's Office Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report (Full report, print version [PDF])
2014-15 Executive Summary (PDF)
Annual Report Archive
“Registrar’s Office Annual Report” webinar with Parchment (recording)

Annual Report 2014-15

The Registrar supports and advances the systems and structures of Dartmouth’s unique learning environment and safeguards the integrity of the institution’s regulations and records.


  • Hosted Ivy-Plus Registrar's Annual Meeting, October 2014
  • Completed the "Curricular Flow" System under development for several years, which created a structure where various applications work together in concert
  • DCARS- Dartmouth Course Approval Routing System implemented
  • Student view of Course Assessment results developed
  • Courses renumbered to allow for expansion and special topics
  • Student Data Warehouse built


The Office of the Registrar maintains, preserves, and disseminates students' permanent academic record and provides services for Arts and Sciences students and faculty at Dartmouth in the areas of academic policy, enrollment and course information. Activities include course election, registration, and class scheduling, major and minor declaration, grade processing, Catalog (ORC) production, graduation support, academic transcript delivery, and student enrollment management.

AND we also:

  • develop and publish the academic calendar
  • provide guidance about the academic curriculum
  • act as a central academic information source for the College
  • schedule centrally reserved classrooms and final examinations


  • manage on-line course assessment and reporting
  • certify recipients of Veteran's Administration educational benefits
  • oversee student enrollment patterns and "D"-Plans
  • manage Faculty elections to committees
  • review student academic petitions for exceptions to faculty policies
  • administer support for students who study off-campus while on a leave term
  • support transfer students and manage the transfer credit process

In addition we:

  • report enrollment to the National Student Clearinghouse to support financial aid and student loans
  • provide Degree and Enrollment verification support for students
  • provide Apostille notarization for international recognition of credentials
  • manage Banner (student system) processes and security access
  • administer DegreeWorks degree audit to support progress towards the degree and academic program planning
  • train and support Department/Program Administrators on course and course system management
  • assist with First-year seminar and Writing 5 enrollments

And also, we:

  • lead multiple internal, cross-divisional and institution-wide projects
  • act as the primary liaison with IT for faculty members' administrative system implementations
  • provide extensive reporting services to UG Arts and Sciences Faculty and the Dean of the Faculty Office
  • support the Dean of Faculty as a member of the Dean's Senior Leadership Team
  • participate in and support numerous Faculty and ad hoc committees
  • comply with and educate the campus about Federal, State, and Institutional legislation
  • provide consulting, such as for the American University of Kuwait
  • present at national conferences such as those sponsored by AACRAO
  • participate as board members in regional and national professional organizations
  • advocate for higher education policy issues that impact our students and faculty
  • Provide other registrar's offices with systems leadership, support, and oversight from the functional/technical perspective, and with standards of practices and professional leadership


Goals and Focus

The Registrar's Office continued to focus on providing exceptional service to the Dartmouth Community, working closely with both academic and administrative departments to provide leading edge technology to support administrative processes. We support students in attaining their educational goals and strive for efficient and effective processes related to academic records, registration, enrollment data and graduation. We seek continuously to cultivate an environment that encourages growth, supports academic integrity, protects student confidential data, promotes teamwork, encourages staff/constituent investment, and respects each individual.


The Registrar's Office spends time on "production," which is those activities that are required in the usual academic cycle.  Additional time is spent on "projects," which are described in the next section.  Below are representations of our main functions and a some general measurements of time spent on production.

  • Communication and student data processing consumes the largest amount of our production time (25% and 19%)
  • Fall term has the largest number of production items
  • April, May, and June have the most production items (as expected, with graduation, two course elections, and deadlines for major declaration and initial D-Plan selection).
  • Fall is also busy with the arrival of new students and the start of the academic year.

In summary, we are focusing more than ½ of our production time on our key priorities: service (communications), records work (student data processing) and reporting service. Note, this does not include service data we are unable to capture here such as phone calls, emails, faxes and walk-in service.

Production by Category 2015

Production by Term 2015

Production by Month 2015

Production Items – Explanation/samples from each category
Communications: Sending of formal memos to faculty and department and program administrators; Sending of e-mails (including VOX Daily) to faculty, students and other departments and programs; Mailing major and minor standings; Publishing updates to the Registrar’s website
Course Processing: Timetable, priorities and prerequisites data entry; Course Election processing; Course Assessment; COI meetings
Data Integrity: Proofing distributives, course titles and other timetable data; Checking for missing grades; Faculty Load error processing Events: ORC Dates and Deadlines; Board of Trustees meetings; Events in other offices such as Admissions, Student Financial Services or the Dean of the College area that generate tasks for the Registrar’s Office
Reporting: All formal and ad hoc Registrar’s Office reports; Internal reports such as course election snapshots, graduation reports, and lists of faculty teaching by term; Reports to external sources such as the National Student Clearinghouse and AMCAS
Student Data Processing: Transcript production; Processing major and minor cards; Graduation processing; Processing transfer term applications; Transfer student credit evaluation and processing; Repeat course processing; 2/4 course processing; D-Plan selection and changes; VA certifications
Systems Management: General Banner settings (GTVSDAX, SOATERM); Configuring Check-in; Setting e-term records; Configuring Course Election; Configuring Course Assessment; NRO setting



Continued to work with multiple committees which include:

  • Committee of Chairs
  • Committee on Instruction
  • Committee on Withdrawals
  • Enrollment Committee
  • Classroom Subcommittee
  • Student Systems Oversight Committee – Chair
  • Dartmouth Information Security Council
  • Dartmouth Registrar’s Committee – Chair
  • Curricular Review Committee
  • Language Waiver Committee - (Associate Registrar for Curriculum & Graduation attends)
  • Committee on Student Life
  • Presidential D-Plan Review Committee
  • Multiple ad hoc committees


  • AACRAO – American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Elected Vice President, Leadership and Management Development; Co-Chair - AACRAO Program Structure Task Force
  • AACRAO 101st Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
  • AACRAO Leadership Meeting, Washington, DC
  • NEACRAO – New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, Executive Board
  • NEACRAO 67th Annual Meeting, Newport, RI - Presenter
  • Ivy+ Registrars Annual Meeting, hosted at Dartmouth College
  • Consulting: American University of Kuwait, Carleton College, Emerson College, Smith College
  • Parchment Coffee Talk Webinar - Highlighting our Annual Report; 175 attendees

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Associate/Assistant Registrars

  • AACRAO, Vice-Chair LGBTQA Caucus
  • NEACRAO 67th Annual Meeting, Newport, RI (1 staff attended; 1 staff committee member)
  • Ivy+ Registrars Annual Meeting, hosted at Dartmouth College (3 attendees)
  • NEBUG Annual Meeting, (1 attendee)
  • DegreeWorks Conference, New Orleans, LA (2 attendees)
  • Ellucian LIVE, New Orleans, LA (1 attendee)
  • Registrar 101 (1 participant)


Staffing and Promotions

  • Promotions
    • Assistant Registrar for Operations (November 2014)
    • Assistant Registrar for Systems (February 2015)
    • Academic Systems Project Manager (February 2015)
    • Academic Systems Technology Manager (February 2015)
  • Staffing changes
    • New Senior Associate Registrar, June 2015


Some Data on our operations

In the past year, the Registrar's Office Staff:

Processed 8,076 official transcripts from Banner

Academic Year Banner Transcripts
2009 19,159
2010 17,245
2011 16,561
2012 13,819
2013 12,237
2014 9,257
2015 8,076
  • Unofficial Banner Transcripts were made available to students in December of 2009
  • Unofficial eTranscripts were made available to students in January 2013
  • Both have contributed greatly to the continuing decrease in the overall official transcript volume.
  • This allows students to use unofficial transcripts when there is no need to use an official transcript, and is a cost savings to the College.
  • Official transcript volume is split 55/45 between eTranscripts and paper transcripts.
  • Paper official transcript volume is down to 3,601.


Transcript Volume Chart 2015



584 courses went through the new Dartmouth Course Approval Routing System (DCARS). Additionally, 31 courses were newly cross-listed in the system.

Type Number
Updated Courses 400
New Courses 184
Crosslists Created 31
Total Courses 584
Overall Total 615

DCARS Chart 2015


Managed 5,215 D-Plan term changes

  Academic Year
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Manual Changes 4,574 4,944 4,218 3,621 3,991 3,688 3,838
Online Changes 0 0 1,474 1,619 1,529 1,435 1,377
Total 4,574 4,944 5,692 5,240 5,520 5,123 5,215

D-Plan changes were made available to students online in November of 2010; however there is still a large volume of changes that must be made manually. It is disappointing to see the manual volume remain high, and actually slightly increased this year.


D-Plan Changes Chart, 2015


Managed scheduling and offering of 2,168 courses:


Term Academic Year
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Total 2,024 2,039 2,062 2,106 2,177 2,168 2,168

Each course count represents every offering with a unique subject, course number and title combination with the exception of cross-listed courses which are counted once. Off-Campus Study courses are included. This year we offered *exactly* the same number of courses as last year!


Courses Offered Chart 2015


Assigned 2,031 courses to classrooms from the academic schedule*, and 873 courses to classrooms for final examinations.

*Does not include classrooms assigned for small arranged courses, language drills, or other ad-hoc classroom assignments.

Reviewed and processed 998 student petitions to the Registrar

Petition Type Petition Count


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Change in Grade  145 121 150 259 123 121 151
Add Course After Deadline  104  82 93 134 122 81 108
Drop Course After Deadline  45  31 38 36 19 28 46
Additional 2-Course Load  41  34 40 43 40 47 48
Additional 4-Course Load  35  25 27 30 28 35 2
Unlimited 2-Course Load  0  1 5 1 5 2 4
NRO After Deadline  7  9 5 2 4 0 0
NRO Grade Chg After Deadline  0  2 1 0 0 0 0
Repeat Course for Grade Only  5  6 6 4 3 3 4
Postpone Summer Term  8  7 8 8 8 12 28
Waive Summer Term  53  58 69 53 47 64 59
Exempt Summer Term  15  16 20 20 20 23 19
Additional Term in Residence  64  75 90 85 84 77 87
Five+ Year Enrollment Pattern  76  73 80 83 89 84 85
Reduce Sr Yr Residence Req  326  318 332 343 305 288 328
Late Exchange of Courses  0  20 44 19 39 13 15
Late D-Plan Change Fee Waiver  23  10 23 20 8 16 8
Reduced Tuition  0  2 2 4 12 4 5
Total  983  927 1,064 1,183 989 921 998

Aside from a peak in 2012, grade change petitions appear to have settled into a more regular pattern.

After a downward trend in senior year residency petitions, the number has gone back to its normal range.


 Processed 2,789 enrollment verifications, 2,275 of which were provided electronically.

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Manual Verifications 1,385 1,549 1,332 754 430 Over 273* 514
Self-Service Enrollment Verifications 0 0 0 294 1,727 1,845 2,275
Total 1,385 1,549 1,332 1,048 2,157 Over 2,118* 2,789

Self-service enrollment verifications became available to students in April of 2012, which has led to a significant reduction in the office workload in this area, allowing staff to focus on higher level tasks.

*Some data missing for 2013-14.

Enrollment Verification Chart 2015

*Some data missing for 2013-14.


56 students studying away on non-Dartmouth programs (transfer terms) and 54 students on exchange programs were supported.  The total number of transfer term participants has steadily decreased in recent years, while the total number of students participating in exchange programs increased in 2015.

Transfer Term Students

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Summer 71 70 105 64 39 43 34
Fall 66 43 46 54 42 35 17
Winter 83 82 86 122 15 9 4
Spring 20 16 13 8 5 1 1
TOTAL 240 211 250 248 101



Transfer Terms 2015

Note: The significant drop in the number of transfer term students is a result of new policies on the part of the COI regarding participation in transfer terms.

Exchange Program Students

Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of Students 39 39 46 37  43 33 54

Exchange Chart 2015


Certified 38 VA Benefit recipients

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Graduate Students 9 12 8  6 5
Undergraduate Students 26 28 32  32 35
Chapter 31 4 2 2  2 2
Chapter 30 6 3 1  1 0
Chapter 35 4 5 7  3 6
Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill recipients 21 30 30  32 32
Students eligible for the Yellow Ribbon program 11 25 24  28 29
TOTAL 35 40 40  38 40

Our Office certifies Graduate as well as Undergraduate VA benefit recipients. 


Graduated 1,093 undergraduate students

Term Graduates
  2009 2010  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Summer 13 17 22 27 35 22 30
Fall 27 40 32 31 24 33 30
Winter 28 25 38 30 31 29 40
Spring 998 1,003 984 1,005 969 1,032 993
Total 1,066 1,085 1,076 1,093 1,059 1,116 1,093


Registrar's Office Major Projects 2014-15

DCARS - Dartmouth Course Approval Routing System; A. Hunt, J. Sinclair, project leads

  • April 2013- Summer 2015
    • Eliminated an archaic paper process
    • Provided an automated course creation and modification system which allows faculty anywhere in the world to input courses for approval
    • Improved the course review and approval process
    • Created a course database for reference

Credits & Exemptions Improvements - A. Ager, J. Sinclair, project leads

  • April 2013 - September 2014
    • Integrated new AP policy into the process
    • Reduced risk by replacing old technology with new, better-supported systems
    • Incoming students know immediately what courses and tests have articulated and can better choose their courses

Topics Renumbering - J. Sinclair, project lead
Course Descriptions into Banner - M. Blumenauer, A. Hunt, A. Ager project leads

  • April 2014 - October 2014
    • Renumbered all special topics courses in Banner so that every course offering has a unique number and their descriptions can therefore be displayed
    • Improved the ability to report on course information and how courses appear on the student transcript
    • Allowed for courses to be disseminated across the web and to other consumers of course information
    • Created opportunities for departments and programs to expand their numbers beyond the two-digit system which was limited

 Student Data Warehouse - A. Hunt, A. Ager project leads

  • June 2014 - ongoing
    • Build a student data warehouse to allow for improved student data reporting
    • Provide leadership for the overall project so that professional and graduate school student data is also included in the warehouse
    • Expand faculty research capacity thus far limited to Banner reporting

Music Contracts integration with Banner registration process - A. Ager, project lead

  • Summer/Fall 2014
    • Eliminated complex paper- and departmentally-based system
    • Improved tracking of courses that span several terms

National Student Clearinghouse 150% Regulation Reporting Changes - A. Ager, J. Sinclair, project leads

  • July 2014 - December 2014
    • Implemented a series of Banner upgrades designed to follow Federal loan reporting requirements

Improved Banner/Canvas Feed - A. Ager, project lead

  • August 2014 - September 2015(?)
    • Updated the Banner course data feed to Canvas to make it smarter and more adaptive to Banner data changes

ORC/New Course Supplement

  • September 2014 - February 2015
    • Created a complimentary Catalog to include new courses approved via DCARS after the annual publication of the ORC/Catalog

Student Access to Course Assessment - A. Hunt, project lead

  • March 2015 - September 2015
    • Developed student access to faculty course assessment reports and a system for faculty to "opt in" and allow their reports to be viewed

National Student Clearinghouse reporting changes - A. Ager, J. Sinclair, project leads

  • June 2015 - August 2015
    • Changes to the internal reporting process to support better data transmission to the Clearinghouse and federal NSLDS



Hickory/VMS Decommission - A. Hunt, project lead

  • Migrate a series of reports and small projects to new technologies that will allow the office to become independent from VMS, an old technology which Computing Services needs to decommission

Revised Class Schedule - A. Ager, project lead

  • Implement the new revised class schedule in Banner and satellite systems voted by the Arts and Sciences Faculty June 4, 2014

President/Provost initiatives – To be determined

  • Several initiatives are under development such as "enrollment smoothing," summer blocks scheduling, and a new credit system.

New Curricular Rules – To be determined

  • Numerous items are in the Arts and Sciences Curricular Review Proposal to be voted on in AY '15-16 which include new distributive requirements, new language requirement, etc.

DegreeWorks Upgrade - E. Pavesic, project lead

  • DegreeWorks requires a major upgrade, which will impact both the degree audit function and online major/minor declaration.

Advising enhancement - M. Braz, project lead

  • Consulting support with UG Advising and Dean of the College as they enhance advising to year 2

Upgrade Registrar website - To be determined

  • Part of campus-wide initiative


Other Technical Projects

We continue to serve as a resource for other offices on campus that require our expertise when possible. We also participate in projects that impact all campus users, and engage in several internal projects that do not involve outside entities. Some of the larger ones included:

  • System testing; A. Hunt
    • OBIEE/Data Warehouse upgrade testing (also A. Ager)
    • OPS$ to NetID transition testing
    • Ruby on Rails application upgrades - A. Ager, A. Hunt, J. Sinclair
  • EMS (Event Management Software) - R25 replacement; A. Ager, D. Choate
  • Investigation of gender non-conforming options in Banner; M. Blumenauer, M. Braz
  • Work with the "Improve Dartmouth" team, particularly on the "Improve Banner" and "Student Access to Course Assessment" initiatives; M. Braz

Additional initiatives, outcomes and collaborations:

  • Hosted the Ivy-Plus Registrar's Annual Meeting at Dartmouth, October 2014; M. Blumenauer coordinator
  • Ongoing review and enhancement of the Special Community High School Program, including enhanced tracking and reporting abilities and business process analysis and change; A. Ager, M. Blumenauer, M. Braz, P. Latimer
  • Ongoing support of the Curricular Review Committee, including support for the new class schedule and other coming initiatives; M. Braz, entire office
  • Reviewed ORC editorial and publication process to streamline the process, following the launch of DCARS and the New Course Supplement.
  • Assisted with the NCAA audit of Dartmouth College; M. Blumenauer, M. Braz
  • Passed a VA veteran's certification audit; J. Sinclair
  • With the assistance of our work-study students, completed the following projects:
    • Continued to backfill citation data into Banner (data is complete back through the class of 1995 - an additional 1,828 citations were entered in 2014-15)
  • Offered ongoing training sessions to department/program administrators, chairs, and faculty on new systems that improved relationships with the Registrar's Office, enhanced workflows, and improved staff and faculty's technical abilities.
  • Continued to enhance and expand our selection of online Guides with the DCARS and New Course Supplement projects.


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