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1999 Reaccreditation Standards

Committee Members

Institutions of higher learning achieve accreditation from the New England Association through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education by demonstrating they meet the Commission's Standards for Accreditation and comply with its policies. The Standards for Accreditation establish minimum criteria for institutional quality. In addition, the Commission adopts policies which elucidate the Standards and relate to their application. Moreover, the Commission expects affiliated institutions to work toward improving their quality, increasing their effectiveness, and continually striving toward excellence. Its evaluative processes are designed to encourage such improvement.

Each of the eleven Standards encompasses a principal area of institutional activity. In applying the Standards, the Commission assesses and makes a determination about the effectiveness of the institution as a whole. The institution which meets the Standards:

"has clearly defined purposes appropriate to an institution of higher learning; has assembled and organized those resources necessary to achieve its purposes; is achieving its purposes; has the ability to continue to achieve its purposes."