Comprehensive Evaluation Timeline


All Year: Begin data collection and analyses.

Fall: Establish Steering Committee and Implementation Group and determine self-study process.

Winter: Implementation Group convenes and begins work on reports for each Standard in the self-study. Ongoing discussions with campus stakeholders (e.g., individual meetings, forums, divisional/department meetings) and communications to campus.

Spring: Implementation Group continues their work, including conversations across campus. First drafts of Standards reports due (mid-May).

Summer: Implementation Group comments on complete draft of the self-study.


Fall: Draft self-study shared with the President, Steering Committee, and Board of Trustees for comment. 

Winter: Draft self-study shared with the campus community and NECHE staff for comment.

Spring: Final draft shared with Steering Committee and institutional leadership for comment. 

Summer: Finalization of data forms. Submit final self-study to NECHE and share with the community.


Fall: NECHE Visiting Evaluation Team on campus (October 27-30).

Winter: Evaluation Team report and Dartmouth comments to NECHE.

Spring: NECHE meeting and evaluation. Final decision expected.