2019 Organizational Structure

The entire comprehensive review process is overseen by a Steering Committee appointed by the President in fall 2017. The Steering Committee is responsible for creating and managing the process to ensure completion of our self-study, including shaping iterative drafts of the self-study. They also ensure preparations are made for the Evaluation Team visit.

An Implementation Group comprised of faculty and administrators is responsible for drafting the narrative and engaging community members through the process. The Implementation Group reports to the Steering Committee and began its work in January 2018.

Steering Committee Members

F. Jon Kull, Dean of Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies (Chair)

Duane Compton, Dean of Geisel School of Medicine

Joseph Helble, Provost

Sandhya Iyer, General Counsel

Kathryn Lively, Dean of the College

Dean Madden, Vice Provost of Research

Susanne Mehrer, Dean of Libraries

Rick Mills, Executive Vice President

Laura Ray, (Previous) Interim Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering

Matthew Slaughter, Dean of the Tuck School of Business

Elizabeth Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Alicia Betsinger, Associate Provost of Institutional Research (Accreditation Liaison)


Implementation Group Membership

F. Jon Kull, Dean of School of Graduate and Advanced Studies (Chair)

Lisa Baldez, Cheheyl Professor and Former Director, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

Alicia Betsinger, Associate Provost of Institutional Research

Katherine Burke, Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Christianne Hardy, Special Assistant to the President

Patricia Spellman, Assistant Vice President for Finance