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Academic Cluster Initiative

As a pillar of President Hanlon's academic vision for Dartmouth, the cluster initiative extends Dartmouth's impact on the world through interdisciplinary faculty teams who collaborate at the leading edge of discovery.

Through faculty collaboration and targeted hiring, clusters will provide the critical mass and spectrum of expertise necessary to shape and advance the understanding of complex problems, emerging issues, and future societal challenges. Faculty hiring will improve the diversity of the faculty and establish cohorts of scholars focused on new intellectual themes or questions that cut across disciplines, departments, and schools. Cluster themes will provide the basis for new courses and curricula as well as new research opportunities. Clusters will draw on existing strengths and emerging areas of discovery to establish points of distinction, invigorating intellectual engagement and enhancing Dartmouth's impact in the world.

Arctic Engineering in a Period of Climate Change

Arts & Sciences | Thayer
Capitalizing on Dartmouth's strengths in engineering and polar studies, this cluster will focus on the societal and environmental impacts of climate change and increased energy production in Arctic regions and beyond.
Colin Meyer
Mathieu Morlighem

Breaking the Neural Code

Arts & Sciences | Geisel
This academic cluster will advance understanding of how the mind is encoded in patterns of activity among billions of individual cells, leading to the neurological equivalent of decoding the human genome.
Tor Wager

The Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization

Arts & Sciences | Tuck
As the world financial crisis of 2008 and its after-effects illustrate, the current forces of globalization have a profound effect on our present and future. This cluster will study the far-reaching repercussions of globalization on world markets, governments, trade, and society.
Treb Allen
Davin Chor

Digital Humanities and Social Engagement

Arts & Sciences
Digital humanities delve into complex issues of the social and ethical dimension of digital technologies, including exploring questions such as how to address the digital class divide, and what is the definition of "human" in an age of implantable and wearable computer devices.
Jacque Wernimont
Alison Martin

Global Poverty Alleviation and Human Development

Arts & Sciences | Geisel
Nearly half of the world's population lives on less than $2 per day. Faculty in this cluster will focus on the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, and develop solutions—particularly in hunger alleviation and public health—to benefit impoverished people around the world.

The Jack Byrne Academic Cluster in Mathematics and Decision Science

Arts & Sciences | Thayer | Tuck
This cluster will focus on developing and applying mathematical thinking to some of society's major challenges in fields such as health care, transportation, and manufacturing.
Peter Mucha
Jim Smith
Dimitrios Gianakis

Meeting New Challenges of Cybersecurity

Arts & Sciences | Tuck
A rapidly increasing number of everyday objects—including automobiles, home appliances, phones, and wearable health devices—connect to the Internet, potentially exposing more and more of our lives to information security risks. This cluster will address the challenge of securing our cyber future by focusing on information technology security, privacy, and usability.
Shagufta Mehnaz

Personalized Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis

Arts & Sciences | Geisel
This cluster will direct the development of cutting-edge, personalized medicine and treatments for cystic fibrosis and other fungal and bacterial lung infections.
James Bliska
Ben Ross

Health Care Delivery Science Cluster

Arts & Sciences | Geisel | Thayer
Delivering high-quality, affordable health care represents one of the most pressing social challenges confronting societies in the U.S. and abroad. This cluster will extend Dartmouth's groundbreaking work in health care delivery science.

The William H. Neukom Academic Cluster in Computational Science

Arts & Sciences | Geisel | Thayer
This cluster focuses on using advanced computational techniques to address questions across the academic landscape, including analyzing complex social interactions and exploring the nature of intelligence.
Rahul Sarpeshkar
Daniel Schultz
Paul Robustelli