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Outdoor Mass Notification System


Hear OMNSThe Outdoor Mass Notification System (OMNS) is a commercially available warning system that has been customized for the Dartmouth College campus. The Outdoor Mass Notification System (OMNS) consists of sirens and voice speakers that can be heard outdoors up to 10 miles from campus.  It is not intended to be heard in campus buildings. 

Sounding the Outdoor Mass Notification System will only occur in an extreme emergency situation. The OMNS and DartAlert messages would provide instructions that may include sheltering in place. To shelter in place means to stay or get inside a building, lock the doors, stay away from windows, and await more information. The OMNS would be used in an Active Shooter EmergencyDartmouth's Emergency Procedures wall hanging provides valuable information on how to prepare for other emergency situations.

The OMNS and DartAlert are part of Dartmouth's comprehensive emergency communications plan. The College would also use its website (www.dartmouth.edu), radio stations (99.3 FM and 1340 AM), hotlines, social media accounts, and other resources to provide information in an emergency. Please see Dartmouth's Emergency Preparedness Website for more details.

The OMNS is tested annually.  Community members will notified of any scheduled test well in advance of the test.  Tests of OMNS last approximately 5 to 15 minutes.