Dartmouth to Test Outdoor Mass Notification System on
Thursday, Feb. 23

On Thursday, Feb. 23 at 1:15 p.m., Dartmouth College with the support of the Town of Hanover will test its Outdoor Mass Notification System (OMNS). The OMNS is a commercially available warning system that has been customized for the Dartmouth College campus. The system contains both sirens and voice speakers and is capable of providing a loud and immediate warning to the Dartmouth campus and surrounding communities in case of an emergency.

The system is located on top of Murdough Hall at the Tuck School of Business and atop of Observatory Hill on Dartmouth's main campus. Both systems were installed in mid-January and need to undergo audible testing. The test of OMNS will last approximately 5 to 15 minutes while the system installers and other necessary personnel assess that the system is functioning properly. Residents as far as Lyme may be able to hear the alarm when activated.

The system is one of several tools Dartmouth has invested in to warn students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community of a potentially major emergency. Dartmouth uses automated phone calls, text messages and email message to alert the Dartmouth community of an emergency. College radio station 99.3 FM 99 Rock and the Dartmouth College website are resources available to the broader community to stay informed of an emergency.

The Town of Hanover will be notifying its residents of this drill the afternoon before, using their CODERED© Emergency notification system. Residents can confirm their contact information at the Town of Hanover website.

Sounding the Outdoor Mass Notification System will only occur in an extreme emergency situation. If the siren were to be activated in a real emergency, an audible message would give further instruction along with a request to “shelter in place.” Shelter in place means to stay inside in one’s current location, lock the doors, stay away from windows and await further instruction. Dartmouth's Emergency Preparedness website provides valuable information on how to prepare for various emergency situations.