AED Awareness Hunt

AEDAEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are a vital part of maintaining a safe community, as rapid defibrillation is consistently cited as the most critical factor contributing to survival rates in cases of sudden cardiac arrest – an unexpected, life-threatening condition which can happen to people of all ages. Dartmouth EMS and Environmental Health and Safety seek to promote emergency preparedness among the Dartmouth community by improving community members' familiarity with the locations of our AEDs.

Can you find 3 AEDs on the Dartmouth College campus? Follow this link to view a list of all Automatic External Defibrillators on Dartmouth's campus, and see if you can find 3 in and/or near your workspace. Each AED contains a unique quote from Dartmouth's very own Dr. Seuss! Once you've found 3 AEDs, follow this link to record each Dr. Seuss quote for a chance to win prizes sponsored by Environmental Health and Safety.  If you don't want to enter data online, print out the form and bring it to the wellness fair on Oct. 7thor mail to AED Hunt HB 6162.  Prizes will be drawn on October 14th