Faculty-Student Dinners

Sonu Bedi



  • Monday April 8, 6 PM: Sunmin Kim (Sociology), "Blinded by the Facts: Race, Immigration, and National Identity in the Early 20th Century United States," Kemeny 006
  • Monday April 29, 6 PM: Meir Kohn (Economics), "Why There is No Such Thing as Capitalism (or Communism)," Silsby 028
  • Monday May 6, 6 pm: Paul Novosad (Economics), "Organized Crime and the Origins of the State," Rockefeller 2
  • Monday May 13, 6 PM: Na'ama Shenhav (Economics), "DACA and the Education Decisions of Undocumented Youth," Haldeman 041
  • Monday May 20, 6 PM: David Blanchflower (Economics), "Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?," Haldeman 041