At the Front Line of Climate Change

In Greenland, Training the Next Generation of Climate Scientists


More Stories From the Field

Under the Midnight Sun

Go behind the scenes with a writer and a photographer as they follow Dartmouth scientists around Greenland.

Aerial views of Greenland College photographer Robert Gill (right) and writer Charlotte Albright, both in the Office of Communications.
Finding Out How Fast Greenland Is Melting

In the spring of 2016, Dartmouth researchers studied Greenland’s massive ice sheet as part of an effort to better understand—and prepare for—climate change.

Melissa DeSiervo 'Gr and Alex Stendahl '19.
The Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth

Dartmouth’s history of Arctic exploration and research continues today through the Institute of Arctic Studies, which supports research and education in the far north.

Professor Ross Virginia, Director, Institute of Arctic Studies.
Support Dartmouth’s Work in the Arctic

As part of its Call to Lead campaign, Dartmouth is building on its recognized expertise in Arctic studies.

Reyn Hutten '21