Issue Awareness

Access Dartmouth

Access Dartmouth serves as a mentorship organization for incoming students with disabilities and access challenges and helps ease their transition to Dartmouth. The group also engages in accessibility advocacy and activism on campus. Through these two missions, we hope to create a Dartmouth environment that is more supportive of students with disabilities through creating a strong, centralized disabled community and enacting structural change.

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Colleges Against Cancer

The Dartmouth Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) chapter is a collaboration of Dartmouth students dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting American Cancer Society programs, such as Relay for Life, in the Dartmouth community.

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Dartmouth CAC Website

Dartmouth Mental Health Student Union

Dartmouth Mental Health Student Union (DHMU)’s mission is┬áto provide information and resources regarding mental health, to advocate on behalf of students struggling with mental health, to encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, to facilitate peer support, to integrate diverse perspectives on mental health on campus, and to bridge and maintain constructive dialogue between the various mental health resources on campus.

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Primary Care Progress at Dartmouth

Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a non-profit organization that strives to revitalize the primary care system by building a new interprofessional generation of leaders in primary care, accelerating educational reform, and advancing innovations in health care delivery.

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Health Access for All

Health Access For All (HAFA) is a student group of Dartmouth College undergraduates committed to fighting health inequities in the United States. We focus on supporting members of the Upper Valley region (the community surrounding our campus), which includes parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. We raise money for nonprofits that remedy health disparities faced by low-income residents hosting charitable events and providing paid tutoring sessions. All of our proceeds collected from these methods support these vital community organizations. We partner with local high schools and middle schools, small businesses, and other Dartmouth student organizations to accomplish this goal.

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HAFA Website