Alumni/ae Advice Network

Alum Advice Network 2023-2024

Link to the 2023-2024 Edition of the NSS Alum Directory

(Note: You will need to use your Dartmouth google account to access the spreadsheet.)

Included in this resource are all the AAMC-accredited MD and DO schools in the US and Canada (listed on left by state). On the right, you will find the names and e-mail addresses of many Dartmouth College graduates who are currently at various schools or will matriculate to them soon. They have all agreed to be listed here and to serve as a source of advice for you.

Questions might range from “How did you manage Chem 5?” to “What do you like about your medical school?” to “Can I speak with you when I come for my interview?” These alums are listed to help you get from Dartmouth College to where they are! Please do not share these addresses with others who are not Dartmouth alums; this is the reason we have “protected” this file so that you have to log on. If you have just graduated from Dartmouth College and cannot log on, contact Dr. Lee Witters for access ( We will continue to update this site as we learn of more alum names; since e-mail addresses frequently change and since we can’t always keep up to date with med school graduation dates, we don’t guarantee that you will find a link here.

You will see the newest matriculants (summer 2023) as Year 1 students followed by columns for Years 2-4 and one for students who may have taken a 5th year or recently graduated. If you can’t find a name listed for a school you are interested in or if one of the e-mail addresses doesn’t work, e-mail and we will see if we can help. The list will be updated on an ongoing basis as we hear from alum participants.