Major: English
Minor: Chemistry
Terms on: 17F, 18S, 18X, 19S, 19F, 20W, 20S, 20F, 21W
Residence: Gile 309
My name is Meghan Poth and I am a ’20 from sunny southern California. I am an English major and Chemistry minor. In addition to being one of the Pre-Vet Coordinators for the NSS Executive Committee, I am a member of the Dartmouth Equestrian Team and I have been riding horses for more than ten years. I also work in the lab of Biology professor Dr. Laidre where I research the terrestrial hermit crab’s tendency to remodel its shell and the consequences of such remodeling. Additionally, I am a volunteer at the Upper Valley Humane Society. And, in my free time, I love to photograph the outdoors!