Name: Arvind Suresh
Class: 2019

Greetings! I am a ’19 from Orange County, California with an intended major in Biology and a minor in Computer Science. I am primarily interested in oncology and wish to pursue this field in the future. On campus, I am primarily involved with Dartmouth EMS and the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, for which I am currently both Assistant Editor and Webmaster. Additionally, I am pursuing interests in global health through my involvement with GlobeMed and computer science through work on iOS and Android app development. At DHMC, I am currently working in the Stan Lab on the role of angiogenesis in anti-PV1 cancer therapies, and am also a volunteer at the Emergency Department. In my spare time, I like to sing Indian Carnatic music and play the piano. Feel free to ask me questions about the pre-health track!