The Nathan Smith Society recently hosted its first virtual event for 20S on April 27th, 2020! Dartmouth undergrads welcomed a panel of 6 MD-PhD students from the college’s own MD-PhD program. The six students – on various steps of their graduate degree with some pursuing their PhD years and some on their early and late MED years – outlined the process of obtaining their dual degrees and included insight on gap years, finding research topics to be passionate about, and why they each decided to pursue the program. One fact they highlighted was the cost-benefits of the program as 3rd  and 4th year medical students Ben Hills and Christiaan Rees noted as they weighed the pros to completing their PhD along with their medical degree during applications. However, they all agreed that it’s okay if we don’t know everything yet including what type of STEM/healthcare path we want for the future, as third year PhD student Iara Backes explained reflecting on her younger self. They each told their stories of what they love about training to be a physician-scientist and revealed what they hope to study in research and medicine. Students enjoyed the personal conversations and stories of their graduate school peers and asked questions to the panelists via Zoom’s chat features.