Bioethics Workshop with Dr. Bill Nelson

On November 3, students had the chance to hear Dr. Bill Nelson discuss his successful career in applied medical ethics and learn about its implications throughout all levels of healthcare administration, from clinical interactions to public health. In his eye-opening talk, Dr. Nelson revealed that the topic of medical ethics not only pervades the sphere of direct doctor-patient communications, but penetrates the realm of financial and economic decisions in hospital management as well. It quickly became apparent that no matter which area of healthcare students might be interested in, there is a component of ethical debate involved. Students enjoyed an interactive session, not only engaging with Dr. Nelson through candid conversation and questions, but also delving into challenging case studies. They broke out into smaller group discussions, exploring dilemmas such as the struggle between individual rights and communitarian ethics, the key tenets of informed consent, and the duties that healthcare providers have toward their patients. As the evening came to a close, Dr. Nelson emphasized the growing place of ethics in the education of burgeoning physicians. Evidently, this is a facet of medicine that is being recognized for its integral role on the always-evolving stage of healthcare delivery.