NSS + Hood Museum of Art: Training the Eye Workshop

Following the success of the first workshop during 19W, NSS partnered with the Hood Museum of Art to organize a second installment of the Training the Eye: The Art of Clinical Observation workshop on Saturday, May 11th.

During the first part of the workshop, students were assigned to four different works of art and instructed to describe only the details without any interpretation. Afterwards, all of the participants gathered to share their observations and use these objective details to develop an understanding of the artist’s purpose in creating their work of art.┬áNext, the students gathered in one of the museum’s state-of-the-art Bernstein Center for Object Study rooms to use these principles of artwork analysis to interpret images of real patients’ symptoms. Students were able to apply these principles to identify diseases such as hyperthyroidism and familial hypercholesterolemia.

Thanks to Vivian Ladd for coordinating this event and Dr. Lee Witters for leading the medical part of the workshop!

-Rachael Chacko ’21