NSS + TDI: Lecture on the Korean Healthcare System

On Tuesday, April 16th, the Nathan Smith Society partnered with The Dartmouth Institute to host Dr. Yoon Kim, MD, PhD, MS, a Professor of Health Policy at Seoul National University College of Medicine. Professor Kim is currently on sabbatical at Dartmouth and is conducting research with TDI on unwarranted geographical variation in South Korea. Dr. Kim’s lecture was titled “The Korean Health System: Achievements and Challenges,” and focused on the development of Korea’s National Health Insurance system, giving an overview of the structure of health care delivery in the country and challenges associated with its universal health care system. Professor Kim presented his research on the geographic variation present within the Korean system, including a lack of large, efficient hospitals, a shortage of generalist physicians, and high out of pocket payments. The lecture was attended by undergraduates, medical students, and professors, and concluded with a vibrant discussion about the current reform agenda and how Korean culture impacts medical care. Thank you to all who attended!