At the first NSS Dinner with a Doc of the spring term, we hosted Dr. Kay Jankowski, a clinical psychologist and Dr. Craig Donnelly, a child psychiatrist, who both have worked at DHMC for many years. The Dr.’s started out by explaining the differences between psychology and psychiatry, as they are often confused. We asked: Given the amount of time that you have spent studying adolescent psychiatry, would you agree with the statement that current national and global events like the publicized, frequent school shootings have created a “generation of trauma” among today’s children? Is the current social and political environment causing a greater degree of mental harm to today’s adolescents than we have seen in the past? Both Dr.’s agreed that children are actually safer today than they ever have been in history, and especially safe in school. They mentioned the influence of social media for dispersing information more quickly, and how that can lead to rumors and heightened awareness and possibly exacerbation of traumatic experiences. Another point brought up was the necessity for mental health professions to involve more interdisciplinary collaboration among other fields, because it is impossible to treat trauma when the source of trauma, such as cyclic poverty or oppression, is not going away.Overall, both Dr. Donnelly and Jankowski were very engaging and eager to answer all questions the students had. It was a fun and informative evening!