NSS had the pleasure of hosting dermatologist Dr. Marshall Guill and third year dermatology resident Mackenzie for dinner with 10 NSS pre-health students on Sunday February 19th, catered by Tuk Tuk and Sushiya. It was a very enjoyable dinner where students learned more about dermatology and life as a dermatologist and dermatology resident. Two things Dr. Guill and Mackenzie enjoy most about dermatology is the diversity of skin diseases and being able to follow patients over a period of time. They both enjoy the problem solving and pattern recognition involved. Mackenzie notes that residents see far fewer patients (about 6) as compared to about 25 when one becomes a full-fledged doctor. Dr. Guill sees a different patient every 15 minutes. They also mentioned that skin cancer is the most common skin condition they encounter. They encourage students interested in dermatology to make their interests known during medical school. Dr. Guill and Mackenzie also touched upon healthy skin care, which include sunscreen and dermatologist-approved brands such as CeraVe. Dr. Guill recommends any sunscreen that feels good on your skin, since everyone’s skin is different. He also mentioned how skin care products are not approved by the FDA and often change their ingredients without notifying customers. A common misconception is that drinking a lot of water gives you good skin, when they do not see a statistically significant correlation. Another misconception is that tea tree oil improves your complexion. In fact, tea tree oil is very common cause of skin inflammation.