Dinner with Dr. Witters

On Sunday, August 7, Pooja Sikka 18 and Jennifer Zhao 18 of the NSS Executive Committee held a special edition of Dinner with a Doc: dinner with NSS’s faculty advisor, Dr. Lee Witters. Dr. Witters has had an extensive career, which includes practicing endocrinology and internal medicine, researching and publishing over 150 biochemical journal articles, teaching undergraduate and medical students, and advising thousands of students in the Nathan Smith Society and Health Professions Program. During the dinner, students listened to Dr. Witters share his experiences in medicine, research, and teaching. He inspired us to reflect on our times as undergraduates, how we want to prepare for medical school or other graduate schools, and finding a balance between our professional goals and our families. Although Dr. Witters has stepped down from leading the Health Professions Program, he continues to advise the Nathan Smith Society. We would like to give Dr. Witters a huge thank you for having dinner with us and for continuing to serve as an invaluable resource for students as a professor, mentor, and friend.