Hope and Action
Celebration 2021

Everlasting Impact: Reflections on Dr. King by Dartmouth Students

The Guarini School Diversity Fellows present their First Annual MLK Appreciation Video. Graduate and undergraduate students came together in unison and voice in their appreciation for the late reverend and to share lessons learned from Dr. King that strongly resonate with them. From letters, to speeches, to many landmark moments throughout African American history, these students present warm and heartfelt messages regarding the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many of the vital elements which he continues to represent. With thanks to the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Signe Taylor, Jane Seibel, and Isaiah Diaz-Mays. 

2021 Theme Statement

It is undeniable that our local and global communities have faced several hard truths this year. As we come together to advocate for change, overcome a pandemic, protest systemic inequities, and so much more, we should be inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s immortal words: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Though hurdles run rife throughout our paths towards progress, and it often feels like the battle is constantly uphill, we hope to proceed with full force, unhindered. As a unified Dartmouth, we are constantly encouraged by the indefatigable advocacy of our students, the indispensable initiative of our employees, and the indelible support of our greater community.  

As we strive to recognize and emulate Dr. King’s legacy, our goal for the annual MLK Celebration is to honor and celebrate his life and work so that members of our community may:

  • Be cognizant of and value his transformational politics and actions, the broader context of his leadership in the civil rights movement, and the ongoing power of this legacy;
  • Be inspired and motivated to apply Dr. King’s philosophy and approach to our own lives and work; and 
  • Be called to address the causes and impact of social inequality and injustice—individually, locally, and globally.

We invite you to join us and hope that that this year’s programming, inspired by Dr. King’s life and legacy, provides opportunities for learning, for reflection, for hope, and for action. 

Download the 2021 MLK Celebration interactive poster.