Advancing Democracy Through Dialogue - 2024

2024 Celebration - Advancing Democracy Through Dialogue

MLK Keynote LectureJanuary 22, 2024, 6:30 PM


This year’s theme, “Advancing Democracy through Dialogue,” focuses on how everyone has a voice! Sharing it and being heard are core tenets of democracies all over the world. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy gives us an opportunity to hear one another, learn how to work through our differences, and find common ground. 

Furthermore, celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. evokes profound reflections on his tireless pursuit of justice and equality. One of the most resonant principles he espoused was the idea of Advancing Democracy through Dialogue.  

Dr. King envisioned a society where voices from all walks of life engage in meaningful conversations, fostering understanding, empathy, and respect. Through dialogue, he believed, communities could bridge divides, challenge injustices, and collectively strive towards a more equitable and inclusive future.  

In honoring his vision, we recognize the transformative power of open discussions, where diverse perspectives converge to shape a more democratic society. Dr. King's enduring message inspires us to continue championing dialogue as a catalyst for progress, propelling us forward on the path towards equality, social justice, and the realization of his dream. 

We invite everyone across campus to attend the various events celebrating King’s legacy, and hope that that this year’s programming provides opportunities for continued learning, reflection, growth, and most of all, a renewal of hope.