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Molecular Biology Shared Resource
Dartmouth College
HB 7650
Remsen Building (Room 243)
Hanover, NH 03755-3526
Phone: 603-650-6546
Fax: 603-650-1129

Automated Sample Submission for DNA Sequencing

CCOP’s Database

The Molecular Biology Shared Resource uses CCOP’s for its data management system. This system allows us to get results out fast by posting them to a central source and gives you direct access to new data as soon as it is posted. You will also have direct access to your old data, sample histories, billing information, and much more. As with our old data base samples numbers will be assigned to your samples but now you will also be able to link these assigned sample numbers with any sample names you may wish to use. 

You need to have an account on the CCOP’s system to order sequencing or to reserve time on one of the Shared Instruments. To get an account set up send an e-mail to CCOP’ or contact your Department financial administrator. If you do not know how to use the new system please follow the instructions below. You can also come by or call the MB Core and we will be happy to train you.

Logging on to the Database:

The Database site address is:

(You may need to cut and past this address into your web browser for it to work correctly. You can also go to and use the link on this page.)

Enter your user ID.

That will be the first initial of your first name followed by your last name, with no space in between. All lower case. (Chris Lytle would be clytle)

Enter in your password.

All accounts have been set up with a password. Please change your password to something that you only know. It is not recommended that you share an account or password with others.

Click on the  “Log in” button.

This opens your "Applications" page. Under Applications you will see several choices of different database applications, "Cancer Center Core Operations", and "Logout".

Click on the “Cancer Center Core Operations” link.

At the top of this page you will see several service pages to choose from, NCCC User, My Profile, and Logout 

Click on “NCCC User” box.

This opens a page with the different Core Facilities listed, Bioinformatics Shared Resources, Immune Monitoring Laboratory, Molecular Biology Core, Test Core, Service Catalogue, and more.

Click on the “Molecular Biology Core” link to access our services.

At the top of this sub-page are several choices, Request/Orders, Core Rates, Core Administrators, and Data Downloads.

Core Rates

We at the MB Core work very hard at keeping our rates down as low as we can. Rates can and do change periodically. All Core rates are reviewed on at least an annual base. Special Services and rates not listed may be available but must be approved by the MB Core management. To view any of our current rates

Click on “Core Rates” and a table with our current rates will open up on this sub-page.

Sequencing Sample Submission:

From the Molecular Biology Core sub-page Click on the Request/Orders box. This will bring up another sub-page with selections for “Service Requests” “Outside Service Requests”, “Shared Instruments”, “Outside Shared Instruments” “View My Orders”, “Product requests” and “View Outside Orders”

Click on the “Service Request” box or on the “Outside Service Request” box, on the left of this sub-page you will see the list of sequencing options.

Select the sequencing option you would like to use by clicking on it. Type in the number of samples you are submitting.

Click on the preview button. This brings up your Request for sequencing page which list some profile information, financial information, PI, Account number, and sample numbers assigned to your samples. All samples will be processed in the MB Core using this number

The new system sample numbers are all numerical:





These sample numbers will continue to be consecutive and do not reset.

Please use the sample number assigned by the database system on your tubes. You can simplify the number by just using the last four digits. So the sample number 1004913 can be 4913 on your sample tube.

The new system also lets you link sample names you wish to use to the Core sample numbers. You can do this by overwriting the four digits in the white boxes under the “Customer Sample” heading with the names you would like to use. Your sample names are now directly linked to our sample numbers.

Once you have finished entering any additional information, review your request to make sure the information is correct

Click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the Request for Sequencing page.

You have now submitted your order. If you change your mind or realize something was not correct please contact us. The “Cancel” button at the bottom of the page is not active and will not work.

Accessing Sequencing Data:

When your sequencing data is ready you will be notified by e-mail. Log on to the database and navigate back to Molecular Biology Core link as described above.

Click on the “Molecular Biology Core” link. At the top of this sub-page are several choices, Request/Orders, Core Rates, Core Administrators, and Data Downloads.

Choose “Data downloads”. This will bring up a sub-page with the choices of “Orders”, “Samples”, “Outside orders”, and “Outside samples”. If you are affiliated with Dartmouth you will be choosing “Orders” or “Samples”. Non-Dartmouth affiliates will choose “Outside orders” or “Outside samples”

Clicking on “Samples” (or “Outside Samples”) will bring up any recently completed sequencing data processed by the Core.

Click on the “download” button to download the samples listed to your computer

Accessing Previously Ordered Data:

If you would need a list of or specific information from a past order(s) you get this information from the “Data Downloads” sub-page too.

Click on the “Orders” (or “Outside orders”) box, this will list all of your past orders.

Locate the order you want the data from using the Order ID number.

Click on the “zip download” button on the far right to download the data from the order to your computer. Unzip the file and view the data.

Software options for viewing and analyzing your data can be found on the previous page. 


Last Updated: 3/5/14