An important function of Records Management is to provide in-office consulting services to those who are modifying or creating record keeping systems. Involving Records Management in your planning process will ensure that your systems will not only serve your immediate needs, but also allow your records to move smoothly through the retention and disposition processes.

We can provide suggestions on creating a file plan, purging of files, in-office retention, discarding of duplicate materials, orderly filing, and other related issues. Records Management can be especially helpful in planning for the conversion of paper-based business processes to digital processes, and creating preservation and access strategies for digital content. 

There is no charge for any of our services. Contact Records Management for more details.


•Retention scheduling

•Disposition scheduling for records at the end of their retention period

•Storage and management for paper records at the RMC

•Storage and management for digital records in OnBase, SharePoint, etc.

•Scanning paper records into accepted digital formats for ease of access and storage

•Planning, support, conversion, and migration assistance for digital records and systems*

•Secure shredding offered monthly

*With regards to record formats, please note that magnetic tape (VHS, cassette), optical disc (CD,DVD), and static memory (USB drive) are information storage mediums that cannot be stored indefinitely with the expectation of future retrieval of the recorded information.  Long-term retention is neither practical nor feasible due to the limited storage stability and hardware/software dependence of these mediums.  The handling, usage, and storage environment of the medium will affect the life expectancy as well.  Migration of information from an older storage medium to a newer one is advisable. Visit the National Archives and Records Administration, NARA Preferred File Format Table, for the preferred formats for all digital records.