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001601 thumb Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan, d. 397
80 leaves, 34 cm x 22 cm.
Ms. Codex 001601

De psalmo centesimo octavo decimo. Written in a minuscule bookhand of the eleventh century, probably in Britain, in double columns with initials in red. The binding is crude, contemporary with the text, and the remains of a clasp are present.


LS_10 thumb Antiphonal
One leaf, 31 cm x 22 cm.
Ms. Lansburgh 10

Fifteen lines of neumes and text, written in a Beneventan hand of the late ninth century. The text is from Genesis 4:9, for the Sunday in Sexagesima. This leaf is often called the "Dartmouth Fragment." Gift of Mark Lansburgh.


LS_38 thumb Antiphonal
Two leaves, 35 cm x 24 cm.
Ms. Lansburgh 38

Bifolium, an outer member of a gathering, of a French antiphonal, ca. 1150-1200. Probably created in Lorraine, the leaves contain fifteen lines of text and music, the latter on four-line staves. The notation is hufnagel. The manuscript is rubricated and contains several large initials. The texts are incomplete and contain parts of the summer histories, including Judith and Kings. The first leaf of the bifolium is torn has has been repaired by sewing. Gift of Mark Lansburgh.


001903 thumb Antiphonal
Two leaves, 58 cm x 38 cm.
Ms. 001903

Written in an early sixteenth-century Spanish hand, probably from Toledo. The texts include responds for Quadragesima and Sexagesima Sundays. Gift of Charlotte Jewett.


001928 thumb Antiphonal
152 leaves, 52 cm x 31 cm.
Ms. Codex 001928

The second part of a Spanish antiphonal of the fifteenth century. The texts are from the Vespers of Easter to the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. The manuscript is in a contemporary binding with brass bosses and metal reinforcement strips on the edges.


002103 thumb Antiphonal
One leaf, 51 cm x 38 cm.
Ms. 002103

Written in a round gothic hand with square notation, the leaf is of late fourteenth or early fifteenth-century Spanish origin. It contains five colored initials with the text for the Vespers of Christmas Eve. Gift of Harold Goddard Rugg.


002081 thumb Antiphonal
One leaf, 55 cm x 39 cm.
Ms. 002081

Written in Spain in the sixteenth century, the text is in a round gothic hand and contains a single illuminated initial. Gift of the estate of Mrs. Charles Griffith.


002082 thumb Antiphonal
Two leaves, 51 cm x 37 cm.
Ms. 002082

Written in Spain in the sixteenth century, these two conjoint leaves contain eight illuminated initials. The notation is typical squared notes.


002088 thumb Antiphonal
One leaf, 55 cm x 38 cm.
Ms. 002088

Written in a round sixteenth-century Spanish hand with square notation. The text is for Lauds of Septuagesima Sunday. While the borders and text are authentic, the initial and the miniature of the Presentation in the Temple are the work of the Spanish Forger, ca. 1900. Gift of Mark Lansburgh.


002091 thumb Antiphonal
One leaf, 58 cm x 39 cm.
Ms. 002091

Written in a round sixteenth-century Italian gothic hand with square notation on a five-line staff. There are two decorated initials and the text is of the benedictum and antiphons for Christmas Day.

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