Biographical and Genealogical Research on Dartmouth People

You can also search the catalog for biographical and genealogy resources.

1940 General Catalogue

• Call no - DC Hist LD/1435.5/.D3/1769/1940
• Contains birth, death, occupation, and residence information on alumni of the undergraduate college and the professional schools, and on College officers and faculty, prior to 1940.
• Alumni index, pgs. 1096 -1218
• Officer and faculty index, pgs. 1023 -1030

Chapman - Sketches of the Alumni

• Call no. - DC Hist /LD /1435.4 /.C47
• Contains good biographical and genealogical information on most graduates of the undergraduate College for classes through 1867.
• Available Online

Alumni files

• Arranged in class order for deceased Dartmouth undergraduate alumni, some honorary degree recipients, and some advanced degree students, from 1771 - present. Usually contain clippings, obituaries, photographs, standard biographical forms.

Faculty/Officer/Living Alumni files

• Files containing information about faculty and officers who did not receive Dartmouth degrees, and about living alumni. In many cases, these are not the official faculty or alumni files maintained by the College, but ephemeral files created by Special Collections, and the contents are therefore less standardized.

Medical School Alumni files

• Information files on graduates and non-graduates of the Medical School who were not alumni of the undergraduate College, for classes ca. 1800-1900. There is also card index with brief information on non- graduate Medical School for students entering 1800-1878.

Frost Cards

• Many Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and officers were members of Hanover families. Additional biographical and genealogical information may be found in the Frost Genealogy Records (please refer to information sheet on this collection).

Class Reports

• Periodical publications by individual classes which contain biographical information about members of the class.


Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 1901- present; Indexed cumulatively on cards through 1935; annually until 1983; no current index for articles or obituaries.
The Dartmouth; Prior to the publishing of an alumni magazine, The Dartmouth contained obituaries and alumni notes. Cumulative card index through 1983; electronic index after 1983 (some gaps).
Dartmouth Necrology, 1874 - 1913 (DC Hist LD/1435.43/.D3); Contains obituaries for some alumni of the undergraduate College, honorary degree recipients, and Medical School graduates. Format is better for deaths 1876-1902.
Dartmouth Medicine, 1976 - present (DC Hist R/747/.D388); The alumni magazine for the Medical School, contains obituaries for DMS alumni and officers.
Tuck Today, 1971 - present (DC Hist LHJ/1/.D3T7); The alumni magazine for the Tuck School. Includes obituary information starting in 1974.
DMS Alumni News and Notes, 1997 - present (DC Hist R/747/D387); A newsletter for and about alumni of Dartmouth Medical School.

Military Service

Dartmouth Roll of Honor, 1861-1865 (DC Hist E/541/D22/R3/cop. 3); Lists Dartmouth and DMS students and alumni service records during the Civil War.
Dartmouth War Record, 1917-1918 (DC Hist D/639/E4/D3/cop. 3); Lists service records for Dartmouth undergraduate students and alumni during WWI.


• In addition to doing an online search for the specific person, it is worth checking the online catalog for published genealogies of family names; some family genealogies are contained in the Alumni Collection. The manual manuscript catalog in Special Collections is also worth checking, both for correspondence and genealogical notes.

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