Presidency of Ernest Martin Hopkins

Ernest Martin HopkinsThe administration of Ernest Martin Hopkins is documented through approximately 45 hours of interviews conducted periodically by Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College, Edward Connery Lathem, during the years 1958 to 1964. Other occasional participants in the interviews include Professors Francis Childs, Russell "Cotty" Larmon and Bradlee Watson, Dean Albert I. Dickerson and Messrs. Robert Jackson, John R. McLane and Richard W. Morin. These interviews are fully transcribed but are unedited and unindexed.

There are more than 80 additional interviews with trustees and members of the Dartmouth administration. Click here to see the list of narrators whose interviews are available for listening in Rauner Library.

Hear a selection of clips from Ernest Martin Hopkins' oral history covering a variety of subjects.

The oral history interviews with President Hopkins have been fully transcribed but are unedited and unindexed. Click the links below to download the transcripts.  

Student interview with President Hopkins conducted by Laurence I. Schwartz, class of '64, in November 1963. Listen to the interview below (approximately 80 minutes) or read the full transcript of the interview which is unedited and not indexed.


Read the Hopkins transcripts below: