Paddock at a glance

Listen, View, Study, Compose

Paddock new loungePaddock offers a variety of options for study and research, including a large table with USB and AC charging ports, an A/V carrel featuring full CD, DVD, VHS, and LP turntable playback for in-house listening through our professional quality headphones. The library also has a separate media room for group study with full audio and video playback. The media room is available all hours that Paddock is open and can be booked in advance by email or phone.

Paddock has five computers for library research and six additional computers for general work or composition featuring music notation programs Finale and Sibelius, Ableton 9 and Garage Band for digital audio editing, and Microsoft Office. We also have a digital keyboard available to everyone.

The music library also provides quiet study areas either at tables or in comfortable chairs near a popular music journal display.