Maps Created Using Geographic Information Systems

GIS Maps of the Month exhibits

To highlight the uses of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, staff in the Evans Map Room are creating a series of maps. The data could spotlight a current event, look at historical data or show a faculty member's current research. All of the maps for this year long exhibit come from the Evans Map Room. If you have questions, please let us know.

 Towns Celebrating 250 Years

 Various towns in New Hampshire and Vermont are celebrating their sestercentennial anniversaries. These towns have existed for 250 years. This map highlights those towns.

 A town map of New Hampshire and Vermont

 This is a simple map of New Hampshire and Vermont showing town and county boundaries. With GIS, you can style the map however you want.

 Location area of the Taa-laa-waa-dvn Peoples

 This map illustrates a study area for Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Benjamin Madley working in the Native American Studies Program and the Department of History.

 Mapping Vermont town population through the decades

 This map is one of series showing the changes in population in Vermont towns through the 20th century.

Using data from GRANIT to map New Hampshire

New Hampshire's GRANIT site has all types of data available to map in GIS software. This layer is one example.