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Wetterhahn Undergraduate Science Symposium | Graduate Student Poster Session

Wetterhahn Science Symposium
May 24, 2017

Christopher G. Reed Science Competition

Isabella Caruso, 1st Place
Engineering / Ulrike Wegst, Advisor
"Structure-Property-Processing Correlations in Freeze-Cast Collagen for Biomedical Applications"

Mallory Rutigliano, 1st Place
Biology / Erik Griffin, Advisor
"A Comparison of Maternal and Paternal Mitochondrial Dynamics in Seven Nematode Species"

Jonathan Huang, 2nd Place
Computer Science / Emily Cooper, Advisor
"A HoloLens Application to Aid People who are Visually Impaired in Navigation Tasks"

Yichen Zhang, 2nd Place
Engineering / John Zhang, Advisor
"Circulating Tumor DNA Screening and Capture Chemistry for Pancreatic Cancer Detection"

Joshua Perez, 3rd Place
Earth Sciences / Justin Strauss, Advisor
"Geochemical Constraints on Middle Paleozoic Magmatism in the North Eastern Brooks Range of Alaska and Yukon Territory, Canada"

Library Research in the Sciences Award

James R. Howe VI
"MiR-338-3p Regulates Neuronal Differentiation and Suppresses Glioblastoma Proliferation"

Jessica E. Kobsa
"The Association between Biological and Social Risk Factors and 30-Day Readmission or Mortality after Cardiac Surgery"


Past Exhibits


Christopher G. Reed Science Competition
1st - Anne Strong, Microbiology & Immunology / Geisel - "Genetic Characterization of the ncRNA AFU-182 in Aspergillus fumigatus Reveals a Role in Cell Wall Homeostasis" video iconInterview with Anne Strong ’16
2nd - Fredrik Eriksson, Biology - "Termite Mounds Increase Biodiversity by Increasing Spatial Heterogeneity in an African Savannah" video iconInterview with Fredrik Eriksson ’16
2nd - Nivedita Nagaraj, Engineering - "Oxidation Pathways of UHMWPE: A Comprehensive Explanaton of Joint Arthroplasty Degradation" video iconInterview with Nivedita Nagaraj ’16
3rd - Kathryn M. Waychoff, Physics & Astronomy - "Zonal Wind Profiles of Jovian Planets" video iconInterview with Kathryn Waychoff ’16
3rd - Iris H. Liu, Pharmacology & Toxicology /Geisel - "Sensitizing Cancer Cell Lines to 5-Fluorouracil by Inhibition of the Cell Cycle Checkpoint Kinase 1" video iconInterview with Iris Liu ’16

Library Research in the Sciences Award
Alexandra Sclafani, Environmental Sciences - "Up-cycling Waste Streams for Sustainable Aquaculture Feed" video iconInterview with Alexandra Sclafani
Yixuan He, Mathematics - "Analyzing in vitro Monolayer and 3-D Spheriod Culture Response of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line H358 to Bortezomib Drug Treatment" video iconInterview with Yixuan He


Christopher G. Reed Science Competition
1st - Nina Maksimova, Physics & Astronomy - "The Left Hand of Creation: Chiral Gravitational Wave Production in Gauge-flation" video iconInterview with Nina Maksimova ’15
2nd - Vivek ‘Sean’ Gupta, DHMC/Geisel - "Bumetanide Mitigates Ethanol's Effects on Interneuron Migration" video iconInterview with Vivek ‘Sean’ Gupta ’15
2nd - Ajay Kannan, Computer Science - "Cell Representations of the Configuration Space for Planning Optimal Paths" video iconInterview with Ajay Kannan ’15
3rd - Aylin Y. Woodward, Anthropology - "New Methods to Infer Medial Longitudinal Column Morphology in the Hominin Foot" video iconInterview with Aylin Y. Woodward ’15

Library Research in the Sciences Award
Annie M. Fagan, Biology - "A River Runs Through It: Tropical Dry Forest Streams Across a Land-use Ggradient in Costa Rica" video iconInterview with Annie M. Fagan’15
Mallory W. Rutigliano, Biology - "Quantification of Cytoplasmic Asymmetries that Pattern the C. elegans Embryo" video iconInterview with Mallory W. Rutigliano ’17


1st - Laurel Anderson, Physics & Astronomy - "Experimental control of spin chain dynamics" video iconInterview with Laurel
2nd - Kali Pruss, Biology - "Linking V. cholerae chemotaxis in the aquactic environment and human host"
3rd - Saara-Anne Azizi, Chemistry - "A light-driven chiral molecular switch in liquid crystal" video iconInterview with Saara-Anne
3rd - Nejc Zupan, Mathematics - "Control Strategies and Seasonal Fluctuation in Tsetse Fly Populations and Human African Trypanosomiasis" video iconInterview with Nejc


1st - Sarah L. Khan, Biology - “Genetic Architecture of the Shade Avoidance Response in Brassica rapa ”
2nd - Ellen P. Roy, Earth Sciences - “Developing a Holocene Temperature Record from Lake Sediments in Northwest Greenland”
2nd - Angela C. Gauthier, PBS - “Social Interaction in the Rat Brain and Effects of Cross-Fostering WKY/SHR Rats on Behavior”
3rd - Tyrone DeSpenza Jr, Physiology - “The Neuromorphological Effects of Pten Point Mutations in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
3rd - Thomas M. Das, Biology - “The Effect of Oxidative Damage on Meiotic Chromosome Segregation In Drosophila Oocytes”


1st - Hannah Baranes, Earth Sciences - "Surface exposure dating of the Huancané III moraines in Peru: a record of Quelccaya Ice Cap’s maximum extent during the last glacial period"
2nd - Elise Wilkes, Chemistry - "Synthesis and characterization of methyl cyclopentadienyllithium benzene derivatives"
3rd - Michael Funaro, Geisel Radiology
3rd - Suzanne Kelson, Environmental Studies - "Conservation Management: The genetic structure of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in the Second College Grant"

Graduate Poster Session
Graduate Student Appreciation Week
April 4, 2018

Nicholas Blelloch
"Photo-Responsive Sublimable Adhesives"

Sally Demirdjian
Microbiology and Immunology
"PIP3 Induces Phagocytosis of Non-Motile Pseudomonas aeruginosa"

Michael Kokko
Thayer School of Engineering
"Explants, Electrons, and Light: The Search for Prosthetic Joint Infection"

Audrey Martin
Thayer School of Engineering
"Disassociation of Acetabular Liners: Retrieval Analysis with Mechanical Simulation"

Owen Wilkins
"Normal Breast Tissue 5- hydroxymethylcytosine is Enriched at DNA Regulatory Elements in Breast Cancer Cells"

Past Exhibits

Ryan Chapman, Thayer School - "Validation of Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Tibial Component Placement via Gyroscopes"
Yike Jiang, Microbiology and Immunology - "Antibodies in the Nervous System During Latent HSV-1 Infection"
Kathryn Weil, Physics and Astronomy - "STIS Spectra of the Remnant of SN 1885 in M31"

Keith Carlson, Computer Science - "A Quantitative Analysis of Writing Style on the U.S. Supreme Court"
Mallory Guy, Physics and Astronomy - "Using Frequency Modulation to Improve Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at 3.3 T"
Nathan McNew, Mathematics - "The Most Popular Values of the Largest Prime Divisor Function"
Adrienne Tarver Perkins, Biology - "The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Meiotic Chromosome Segregation in Drosophila Oocytes"
Ligin Merlin Solamen, Thayer School of Engineering - "Brain Mechanical Property Measurements Using MR Elastography"

2015 Poster Session Winners Video

Seth Cohen, Physics & Astronomy - "Star Formation and Substructure in Galaxy Clusters"
Anna Hatch, Molecular and Cellular Biology - "Actin-Dependent Mitochondrial Fission Mediated by Drp1, the Formin INF2, and Myosin II"
Max Mehlman, Psychological and Brain Sciences - "Head Direction Cell Activity in the Dorsal Striatum and Medial Precentral Cortex Requires Intact Anterodorsal Thalamic Nuclei"
Sarah Wolff, Mathematics - "Separation of Variables and the Computation of Fourier Transforms on Finite Groups"

"Let's Talk Research: Poster Winners" 2014 Video

Sadik Antwi-Boampong, Chemistry - "Detection of Formaldehyde Vapor Using Conductive Polymer Films"
John D. Gartner, Earth Sciences - "Irene Landslides and Sedimentation in Vermont Rivers:  Importance of Gradients in Transport Capacity"
Marianna Kleyman, Biochemistry - "STAG2 Regulates Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments in Human Cells"
Alexander A. Schlegel, Psychological & Brain Sciences - "A Neural Network Supporting Mental Operations on Visual Imagery"

Chris Audu, MD-PHD Program - "Mimicking the BK Viral Coat Protein: A Potential Drug Target"
Margaret Gullick, Psychological & Brain Sciences - "Understanding Less than Nothing: a developmental fMRI study of negative number comparisions"
Nadia Penrod,PEMM - "Identifying key genes for information-flow control in letrozole perturbed gene coexpression networks"
Lola Thompson, Mathematics - "Polynomials with divisors of every degree"