About Kresge Library

COVID-19 Update

In order to protect the health and safety of the Library staff and the Dartmouth community, Kresge Library will remain closed for the academic year 2020-21. We encourage you to continue to connect with Kresge’s collections and knowledgeable staff.

  • Books from Kresge’s collection can be requested and made available for pickup at Baker-Berry Library. Sign into the Dartmouth Library catalog and use the Request link in the catalog record.
  • Make a Zoom appointment to schedule time with one of the science & engineering librarians.
  • Don’t see your question here? Email Kresge Library and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.
  • More information and updates about the Library’s services, including reservation procedures and opening hours for Baker-Berry Library, can be found here.


Welcome to Kresge Physical Sciences Library! We think you’ll like Kresge’s quiet study spaces, great views, friendly and knowledgeable staff, outstanding collections of books and journals, and interesting exhibits and displays.

Kresge Library houses the collections and supports the research, teaching, and library service needs of the physical science research community at Dartmouth. Located on the 3rd floor of Fairchild Hall, one of the four buildings in the Fairchild Physical Sciences Center, Kresge is physically connected to the departments of Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geography, and Physics & Astronomy.

Kresge Library is the primary library for faculty, students, and researchers in chemistry, earth sciences, environmental studies, mathematics and computer science, and physics and astronomy. Not all Kresge's print collections are housed within Kresge Library. Mathematics and computer science faculty and students rely upon the Cook Mathematics and Computer Science Collection, housed on the 3rd floor of Baker-Berry Library. Additionally, researchers in many science disciplines and in interdisciplinary research areas make extensive use of collections in Dana Biomedical Library and Feldberg Business & Engineering Library.

The Fairchild Center complex, renovated in the late 1990s through the generosity of the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, now enjoys study space, relaxation and performance space, and an intimate connection to the classroom, office and laboratories of the adjoining buildings. Kresge Library was originally established in 1973, with the support of the Kresge Foundation, through the merger of several departmental libraries and the incorporation of the science collections formerly housed in Baker Library.

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