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Emily Ulrich

Yale University

This index includes complete transcriptions of all commentary written by the three annotators from Echoes in the Margins (XX-XX). The transcriptions are arranged chronologically according to annotator, with cross-references to folio number in the Dartmouth Brut and page and chapter number in Friedrich Brie's printed edition of the Common Brut.

Expansions are marked in italics, line breaks with a long line [|], thorn and yogh are kept as /þ/ and /ȝ/, and /u/ and /v/ have been transcribed in accordance with the annotator's usage. Editorial comments are inserted in square brackets [...], and annotator punctuation is represented by the corresponding modern equivalents: [ - , . / : ; ]. When later annotators respond to the comments of earlier annotators, the earlier comment is transcribed in carets <...>, and the earlier annotator is identified in square brackets. The later annotator's expansion on the earlier comment will be transcribed according to the aforementioned rules.

Hand 1450+

Hand-1450+ writes in a clear Anglicana script, and dates to the second half of the fifteenth century. He is the only annotator who comments in Latin, the spelling of which occasionally reflects his vernacularized pronunciation (see folios 14v and 106v). In one annotation (folio 107r), Hand-1450+ appears to have added an extra minim to the word indignum so that it reads indiginum. Hand-1450+ also occasionally adds otiose flourishes to word-final consonants (for example, the /f/ in of, 11r; /d/ in called, 11v), and to end his commentary with a forward slash [ / ], sometimes combined with a period [ ./ ].

FolioBrie #Transcription
10v Brie 11; ch. 4 Gogmagoges lepe
10v Brie 11; ch. 4 howe Corenweaill |was first named [ai added suprascript by same hand]
10v Brie 12; ch. 5 Brutes three sonnes./ [r added suprascript by same hand]
11 Brie 13; ch. 5 The begynnynge of the name of humbar
11v Brie 14; ch. 5 Severne once called/ |Abrahama of the |walshemen yet so called
14v Brie 22; ch. 17 Mulieris crudelitas|execranda ./ [sic exsecranda?]
15 Brie 23; ch. 18 The division of |the lande in to|fovre partes
15 Brie 23; ch. 19 Donbandes valiantnes[?]|and greate victorie
15 Brie 23; ch. 20 Donband ware the| first Crovne of |golde, that ever was |made or worne in |Engeland ./ and |gaue greate libertie |franches and |privilege to the |Churche/
70 Brie 194; ch. 170 notabile
71 Brie 196; ch. 173 Regia iustia|admiranda
79 Brie 223; ch. 198 The vilaynye|practised at |the death of |Erle Thomas |of lancaster./
106v Brie 316; ch. 232 Bellum parcerinum [sic passerinum?]|notatu dignum ./
107 Brie 317; ch. 232 Notatu haud indiginum [sic indignum?]./
107 Brie 318; ch. 232 forma iiiiti notanda./


Hand-1530 writes with a mix of secretary and Anglicana features, and dates to the first half of the 16th century. His script features a significant amount of variation in individual letterforms, particularly his /e/ (he uses both secretary /e/ and anglicana /e/ - see peter pens; 60v) and /s/ (long /s/ at the beginning and middle of words, round /s/ and 6-shaped /s/ alternating in word-final positions). Hand-1530's script includes sporadic flourishes in word-final /g/ (see pykeryng; 17v) /d/ (see yngland; 11r) /l/ (see battell; 51r) /n/ (see steven; 54r) and /h/ (see; chirch 60v). These are considered otiose, and have not been expanded into final /e/.

FolioBrie #Transcription
11 Brie 11-12; ch. 5 yngland scottlond |& wayles was |devidit emonges |bruttes iii sonys
12 Brie 15; ch. 7 yorke
12 Brie 15; ch. 7 ebrac made |þe Castell of |madens new called edenboru|gh
12v Brie 15; ch. 9 Carliell was| made by leyll
14v Brie 22; ch. 17 the mother kel|led hir awne son
16 Brie 26; ch. 22 off the iiii wayes |made in britanne
17v Brie 30; ch. 31 pykeryng
19v Brie 36; ch. 40 sent peter dede |preche
19v Brie 37; ch. 42 Westmerland
20 Brie 37; ch. 42 kyng westemere | lyithe att karliell
20 Brie 37-38; ch. 44 kyng lucie |was baptized |and All his men
20 Brie 38; ch. 45 lti ȝere Was| yngland without |A kyng
26 Brie 56-57; ch. 61 how merlyn |was begottyn
37v Brie 94-95; ch. 95 Chichestre was |brent wyth sparow|es
37v Brie 95-96; ch. 96 viiith kynges |in england att on |[erasure] tyme
38 Brie 96; ch. 96 how yngland |was converted |by sent Austine
48 Brie 127; ch. 124 how kyng Allured |was put to deth |Tratourusly ' at | gyldesdown-
48v Brie 128-29; ch. 126 off kyng ewardes Ryng
51 Brie 136; ch. 132 A battell at tun|bregg
53v Brie 142-43; ch. 136 gret mysfortton |on the see by |chonsse of þe wedder
54 Brie 144; ch. 137 Thys kyng henri [the first: added above by the same hand] |dyed in normandie | and his body was [buried: added above by later hand] |att Redyng in yng|lond /he [?] was þe |fondas of þe abbay
54 Brie 145; ch. 138 The Citee of lin|colne was besegit |by kyng steven
55 Brie 147; ch. 140 normandie was|in possession of the| kyng of ynglond
55 Brie 147; ch. 140 Kyng Stewen whay was þe| fouwday [?] of feversham |Abbey
60v Brie 163-64; ch. 151 The tribute payed |to þe chirch off |Rome called þe |peter pens
67v Brie 185; ch. 165 The commons of yng|land granted the|v part of þeir goodes |to kyng edward
75 Brie 209; ch. 189 A quarter of whete |was att xla /
101 Brie 301; ch. 228 how Calys was |won
109 Brie 324; ch. 234 A subsidee granted|of þe clargie of yng|lande of lti M li
111v Brie 331; ch. 238 A subsidye| granted to þe|kyng both off| spiritualtie & [?] off the|laysie [?]
112v Brie 336; ch. 239 Jake strawe was|[erasure] beheddytt
112v Brie 338; ch. 239 A erth quake |generally
112v Brie 338; ch. 239 Sir Henry [?] spensere |bysshoppe off nor|wyche went |ouer þe see into |flanndres & þer wanne dyuersis |Townes by þe | Acte of ways


Hand-1623's script features many variations in letterform, particularly /e/, /a/ and /r/. It also includes idiosyncrasies such as using /ii/ both as the Roman numeral 2 and the Arabic numeral 11, and capital H in the middle of a word (see madHan; f. 12r). In all cases where /ii/ is used for 11, it has been noted in editorial brackets. Hand-1623's word-final /n/ /h/ and /r/sporadically have flourishes, although these are considered otiose and have not been expanded to final /e/. Hand-1623's word-final /s/ not only appears in many forms, but is very flexibly applied to plural nouns and possessive nouns. Hand-1623 seemingly keeps plural nouns in the singular at random, and chooses from three options when denoting a possessive: no possessive, a single possessive (in accordance with modern usage) or possessives on both the noun and proper noun (see kings Humbares; 11v).

Due to the amount of commentary in this annotator's hand, several unique issues arose in transcription. Hand-1623 annotated so frequently that he occasionally had to use the inside, upper, or lower margins of the folio (all other commentary is in the outer margin of the folio). This can make his commentary appear out of order. Where this has happened, the comments have been transcribed in the order that the Brut narrative would have inspired them (see f. 11r). Any time commentary is intentionally in the inner, upper, or lower margins, it has been noted in the first column of the table, below.

At other points, Hand-1623's annotations are so dense that they need to be decoded in transcription. For example, on folio 17v, Hand-1623 makes an extensive list of 34 kings, along with their length of reign. To limit confusion between the years of reign and the numbers of the list, I have put in bold the numbers of the list. As a final consideration, emendations to, and annotations within, the main text of the Dartmouth Brut have been distinguished from substantive annotations in the margins by the use of italics for all three columns of information. It should also be noted that some of Hand-1623's early comments were either written at a different time than the others, or after a change of pen (see variations in ink thickness on f. 10v). This variation (limited to folios 10v and 11r) has not been represented in the transcriptions.

Finally, on folio 20r, Hand-1623 responds to a comment by an annotator who does not otherwise feature in my research. This annotator, called Hand-A, wrote sometime after Hand-1530, and before Hand-1623.

FolioBrie #Transcription
10 Brie 10; ch. 4 Brutus. the |i. kinge. | reigned .30. yeres| & more, & dyed at | newe troye now| called london
10v Brie 11; ch. 4 corynne, killed |gogmagog; with| wrestlinge
10v Brie 11; ch. 5 By Brute.
10v Brie 11; ch. 5 firste founding |of new troy, or|london.
10v Brie 11; ch. 5 Thamys: so |named after .2. | riuers, thone [sic] |called Thame,;|thother, [sic] Ise.
10v; lower margin Brie 12; ch. 5 1. sonne/ lokeryne./ Reigned .5o. yeres/ |2. sonne/ Albanac/ giuen to him Albeyne, now called Scotlande/ |3. sonne/ Caumber/ giuen to him Cambre/ now called wales/
11 Brie 12; ch. 5 brute reigned |30. yeres .& more| & dyed. in new troy.
11; inner margin Brie 12; ch. 5 lokeryne [r added in suprascript by same hand]|crowned |kinge.
11 Brie 12; ch. 5 kinge Humber, |did slay, Albanac |in battaile, in |Albeynie. now |called scotlande.
11; lower margin Brie 13; ch. 5 < The begynnynge of the name of humbar [Hand-1450+]] > , Ryver: water downe| After king Humbar, drowned Him selfe there .15. miles, from| the fall of trent./ Next. Humbar, Joyneth the Ryver called Hull .20. miles|in lenth. Then next adioyneth the towne called kingston| vpon Hull. | In king Edwarde, þe first His Raigne. the. towne then called wike.| then did they kingston/ frame/ & then the townesmen cut the Ryver|called Hull. an excellent haven, a defence or pere: | strongly builte, to saue it, from fearce [?] Humbers Raging tydes.
11v Brie 13; ch. 5 kings Humbares |daughter. called |Estrelde:
11v Brie 14; ch. 5 quene Guentolyne/|reigned/ 15. yeres/
12 Brie 15; ch. 6 /madHan/ reigned| 30. yeares/ .
12 Brie 15; ch. 6 (last paragraph) menprys/ reigned |34/ yeares
12 Brie 15; ch. 7 Ebrac/ reigned|60/ yeares/
12v Brie 15; ch. 8 brute|Breneshall|reigned. 30/ yeares
12v Brie 15; ch. 9 leyll. reigned|22/ yeares./
12v Brie 16; ch. 10 ludybras reigned|13. yeares . & builded|cities/ canterbury/|& winchester
12v Brie 16; ch. 11 Bladud. reigned|21. yeares .through|crafte of nigroman|cy, builded hote|bathes, at bathe
12v Brie 16; ch. 12 king leyr|made the towne|of leycestir/| before called|leyre after|His owne name.
12v; lower margin Brie 17; ch. 12 He Had 3. daughters/ |gonorell./ marryed to manglos, kinge of scotlande/|Rygan./ maryed to mos, Earle of Cornewale/| Cordeylle./ maryed to Agampe Agampe kinge of fraunce/
12v; lower margin Brie 17; ch. 12 [bracket indicating that following comment refers to gonerell and Rygan:] thes/ iio. parted the Realme|betwixt them.
13 Brie 18; ch. 13 king leyr/ His|reigne how longe |not set dowen,
13 Brie 18; ch. 13 After He recover|red, His Realme|againe from ii. of |His daughteres,|by the Helpe of |his youngest|daughter. he|reigned 3. yeares.
14 Brie 20; ch. 14 Cordell, the|daughter of king|leyre/ reigned|5.o years:/
14 Brie 21; ch. 14 morgan, [one word worn]|conadage, Reignid| togither. 12. yeris
14v Brie 21; ch. 14 conadage, reigned|33. yeares.
14v Brie 21; ch. 15 Reynolde reigned|22. yeres.
14v Brie 21; ch. 16 gorbodian;|reigned .15. yeres.
14v Brie 22; ch. 17 ferres, & porres|ii. brethren,|not set downe| howe longe they|reigned.
14v; lower margin Brie 23; ch. 18 Gratier, kinge of scotlande./ |Dawallier, kinge of loegiers, sometime was lotryne his parte,/| Rudake, king of wales./ |Cloton, king of cornewale./ He was supposed rightfull Heire of| all the whole lande./ And His sonne donbande gott all| the whole lande in fight onelie to him selfe. /& reigned in| peace./
15 Brie 23; ch. 19 donband gott in| fight all the whole| lande to him selfe
15; lower margin Brie 24; ch. 20 donebande in .40. yere of His Reigne|died.
15v Brie 24; ch. 21 ii./ kinges ./|bellyne & brenne|parted the lande|betwixt them,|after their|fatheres [?] dethe|as he assigned
15v Brie 24; ch. 21 Brenne / covenant/|mariage with king| Elsinges dauthter,|called samee.|in norwaye/ for|Ayde, against his|brother bellynne/
15v Brie 24; ch. 21 king Esinges dauther| Samie./ loved king|Gutlaugh.
15v Brie 25; ch. 21 brenne discomfett|by Gutlaughe, by|fyght.
15v Brie 25; ch. 21 gutlaughe/ & His|lemman Samie/|put in prison by.|belline.
16 Brie 25; ch. 22 brenne discomfett by|bellynne/
16 Brie 25; ch. 22 gutlaughe becommeth [?]|king bellynnes man|& to [?] yelde tribute|for ever more.
16 Brie 26; ch. 22 gutlaugh wente|with Samie His lemmon| into denmarke.
16 Brie 26; ch. 22 < off the iiii wayes |made in britanne [written by Hand-1530] > by kinge bellynne
16 Brie 26; ch. 23 Brenne maried|the heire of duke|of burgoyne.
16 Brie 27; ch. 23 Rome conquered|& lumbardie,|Germanie, & much|other lande
16v Brie 27; ch. 23 Bellynne, reigned|ii. yeares/ 4. monthes
16v Brie 27-28; ch. 24 Cornybatrus|in the 25. yeare|of His reigne, |he dyed.
16v Brie 27; ch. 24 Irelande first named:
16v Brie 27; ch. 24 The kinge did giue|to an Earle called|Irnawalle, & his|people, all exiled|out of spaine|the Ile called, | < Ireland [scribal hand] > |nothing therein|before but wilde|beastes.
16v Brie 27-28; ch. 25 Guentolynne,| in the 20. yere|of His Reigne| he dyed.
17 Brie 28; ch. 26 king Seysell|dyed in the 15.| yeare of his| reigne
17 Brie 28; ch. 27 kymour kinge |dyed in 19. yeare|of His reigne.
17; inside margin [not in Brie] king Howan| reigned .10.| yeare.
17; inside margin [not in Brie] king dauid|reigned .ii. [11] yeare.
17 Brie 29; ch. 28 kinge morwith|in the 9. yeare of| His reigne, was all|deuoured, with a|beaste, supposed to| be a whale.
17; inside margin Brie 29; ch. 29 first buil=|ding of| Cambrigge|& Grentham
17 Brie 29; ch. 29 king grandobian| Had .4. sonnes, &| dyed in. ii. [11] yeare
17 Brie 29; ch. 30 kinge Artogoyll. | reigned .5. years| & then put down| & His brother| Hesydour made| kinge.
17v Brie 29; ch. 30 After Hesydour, |reigned .5. yeares,|He resygned the|crowne to his|outogoyll his brother|againe.
17v Brie 29; ch. 30 And He reigned|6. yeares.
17v Brie 30; ch. 31 Hesydour after he|reigned ,2. yeres|putt in prisonne
17v Brie 30; ch. 31 first < pykeryng [written by Hand-1530] > made
17v Brie 30; ch. 31 and Hyganus &| petitour, parted þe land| betwixt them/ Hyga=|nus lived 7. yeares |& petitour 2. yeres after.
17v Brie 30; ch. 32 Hesydour king þe 3d | time, dyed in 13:| yeare of His reigne
17v Brie 30; ch. 33 the Reigne of .33.|kinges .one after| an other.
17v-18r Brie 30-31; ch. 33 [numbers 1- 34 next to the king's name as each appears in the text]
17v-18r; expands into lower margin Brie 30-31; ch. 33 1. Gorbodyan,|reigned .12. yeres. |2. morgan, reigned|ii.yeres.|3. Eighnaius [?], reigned|6. yeares.|4. Idwaller, reigned|8. yeares. |5. RoHugo. reigned| ii. [11] yeres. |6. vgHan: reigned|13. yeres. |7. Carell: reigned.|15. yeres.|8. porrex: reigned|ii. yeres./|9. Cherynne: reigned .17. yeares/ |10. Coylle: reigned .12. yeares. |11. Sulgoys. reigned: 14. yeres. |12. Esdad: reigned: 20. yeares. |13. Andragie. reigned: 18. yeares.|14. vryan: reigned .5. years.|15. Elynd: reigned: 2. yeares. |16. El[d?]agan: reigned: 15. yeares. |17. Claten: reigned: 12. yeres, & more.|18. Guyrdyuk [?]: reigned .8. yeares. [NEW COLUMN]| Reignes of| 19 meryan: 6. yeares. |20 bledolanghen .3. yeres. |21. Caph .1. yeare. |22. Geen: 2. yeares|23. Seisel; & bledde./ 21. yeare. & more|24. Trabargh .11. yeare.|25. Archinall: 14. yeare.|26. Eroll: 30. yeare. |27. Robonen: 32. yeares. |28. Hortyr: 5. yeare. |29. Hamper. 6. yeare.| 30. Caerpoyr .7. yere. [FOLIO 18r, RIGHT MARGIN] |Reignes of| 31. /degneyll.|/3. yeres. |32.// Samuell|33. yeares|33. /Reede .2. yeres|34/Ely: 7. monthes
17v-18r Brie 30-31; ch. 33 [subtotal noted at bottom of column one:] 192/|[subtotal noted at bottom of column two:] 138|[subtotal noted at bottom of column three (18r):] 38/7. months.
17v; inner margin Brie 30; ch. 33 / 34. kinges, reigned.|one after an other| in all .368. yeres.|7. monthes.
17v Brie 30; ch. 33 [correction in brown ink to rubric from iii to iiii]
17v Brie 30; ch. 33 [correction in brown ink to first line from iii to iiii]
18 Brie 31; ch. 33 Ely. Had 3. sonnes|lud: Cassibalan.|Enemyon.
18 Brie 31; ch. 34 kinge ludd dyed in|þe yere of His regne|ii. .ii. [11]
18 Brie 31; ch. 34 His ii. sonnes.|1. Andragenne.|2. Tormace.
18 Brie 31; ch. 35, Cassybalon luds|brother made king
18 Brie 32; ch. 35 the eldest sonne|of king lude made|called Andragenne|made Earle of|cornewaile.
18v Brie 32; ch. 35 And Tormace:|made Earle of|london.
18v Brie 32; ch. 35 themperour [sic] Julius|Cesar, Intende the| conquering this lande|was twise discomfyted|& dryven out.
18v Brie 32; ch. 35 Julius cesar once|discomfytt this king.
18v Brie 32; ch. 36 Julius in|His 3d. Attempt:|discomfytt the king|of this lande.
18v Brie 33; ch. 36 king Cassibalan|dyed in 27. yeare|of His reigne, &|buryed at yorke.
18v Brie 33; ch. 37 Androgenne|crowned king|of this lande,|& in 8. yeare of |His reigne dyed|& lyeth at london.
19; upper margin Brie 33; ch. 38 In the reigne of kymbalyn, was christe borne.
19; inner margin Brie 33; ch. 38 ginger|& Armager|the 2. sonnes|of kymbalyn
19 Brie 33; ch. 38 king kymbalyn, in þe|22. yere of His reigne| died, & lyeth at london
19 Brie 34; ch. 39 a sore fyghte.
19 Brie 34; ch. 39 king Ginger slaine
19 Brie 34; ch. 39 Armoger, þe kinges|brother. toke vpon Him|as kinge.
19 Brie 35; ch. 39 Hamondes Haven|after wees [?] made a|fair towne, & now|Southampton.
19 Brie 35; ch. 39 Emperour being|tacken at winchester,|yelded in peace/ His|daughter Gennen, as|wife to Armoger king|both crowned at london
19v Brie 35; ch. 40 builded by themperoer [sic]|claudius, the towne|<Claucestr [written by scribe]>
19v Brie 36; ch. 40 <sent peter dede|preche [written by Hand-1530]> in Antioche.|where He builded a|faire churche, & there|He sytt first in His chaire
19v Brie 36; ch. 40 Armoger died in|34. yere of|His reigne
19v Brie 36; ch. 41 kinge westmer, sonne|of Armoger:
19v Brie 36; ch. 41 Stenmore.
19v Brie 36; ch. 41 < Berwyk [written by scribe] > first builded|by Bering & others of|king Roderick menne/
19v Brie 36; ch. 41 no women in berings|countre, they sente into|Ireland. for some.
19v Brie 37; ch. 42 <Westmerland [written by Hand-1530]> cald|after king westmer.|who first beganne|þat lande, westmerland
20 Brie 37; ch. 42 <kyng westemere lyithe att karliell [written by Hand-1530]> |buryed, in the 25. yere|of His reigne.
20 Brie 37; ch. 43 king Coyle buryed|in the ii. [11] yeare of|His reigne at yorke.
20 Brie 38; ch. 44 <kyng lucie| was baptized| and All his men [written by Hand-1530]> <pope Eulentherius|sent iio, legates, who|christned, king lucye,|& his people in þe lande.|anno domini. C lvi.|bushopes made; |sacraments ministred. [written by Hand-A]> He reigned. 13. yeres.
20 Brie 38; ch. 45 <lti ȝere Was|yngland without|A kyng [written by Hand-1530]> so that|great warre did arise|therevpon/
20 Brie 38; ch. 45 The romaines sent| ii. strangers one after|an other, to rule this|lande, & both slaine.
20 Brie 38; ch. 45 Asclepiades chosen|king of this lande.
20v Brie 39; ch. 45 walon taiken by fight|& caste into a water|wich water, thervpon|called walbroke.
20v Brie 39; ch. 45 One Earle coyle|maide a faire towne|called colchester after|His owne name.|He did slay þe kinge.|And afterward made| kinge Him selfe.
20v Bire 39; ch. 45 vpon an accordement|kinge Coyle giue His| daughter Eleyne. to|prince constance.
20v Brie 39; ch. 45 & dyed in .13. ȝeare|of His reigne. |& lieth at colchester
20v Brie 39-40; ch. 46 Constaunce made|king, by right of |His quene HElyne,|sole Heyre to king| Coyle Her father. | & got by Her a sonne|called. Constantine|& dyed in þe .15. yere of|His reigne
20v Brie 40; ch. 47 The said Constan=|tyne reigned king. |The said Eleyne|found þe crosse, in|the holy lande.
20v Brie 40; ch. 47 And after He made| Emperour of Rome/|when He Hadd|discomfytt the Sarasine |Emperor, for His cruellty to the Ro=|manes, who dyed for|sorowe./ |His name was maxence.
21 Bire 41; ch. 47 Themperour [sic] constantine| appointed the governe|ment of this lande| in truste, to those| that deceyued Him
21 Bire 41; ch. 47 one was Earle| Octovian/ Him selfe| tooke vpon Him king| vniustlye.
21 Brie 41; ch. 47 varyaunce betwixt|octovian: and the| knight Taberne, |who was slaine. | and then Octovian|fully made kinge
21 Brie 41; ch. 48 A question who to|Rule this lande.
21v Brie 42; ch. 49 The life of maxi=|mian. both before| & after He was|Emperor.
21v Brie 42; ch. 49 Conan meredoke |made king of litle|bryttanie.
21v Brie 44; ch. 50 <Ursula [written by scribe]> a mayden/|
21v Brie 44; ch. 50 great martyringe of|maidens. by king| Gowan. of Coloyne/
22 Brie 44; ch. 51 Elga brother to|Gowan, enterprised|this lande and did|muche Harme.
22 Brie 44; ch. 51 one sometime a panym |St.Albanie martired|by dioclesian/ where |an abbaye of Saint|Albanie
22 Bire 45; ch. 51 the first martyre|of Inglande |in the yeare of our|lorde .286.
22 Brie 45; ch. 51 This lande voided| of the Sarasines
22 Brie 45; ch. 52 Gracian made| Him kinge after|death of themperoer [sic]|maximian: and| for His wickednes| was slaine.
22 Brie 45; ch. 52 Gowan, the third| time entered this| lande. & distroied| all, that named|oer lorde Jesu christ
22v Brie 46; ch. 52 kinge Aldroye, of|litle brittaine/
22v Brie 46; ch. 52 Gowan with His| paynymes, & Sarasyns |slaine, saving| some left living| & they converted| to god.
22v Brie 46; ch. 53 kinge Constantyne| crowned.
22v Brie 47; ch. 53 He Had 3. sonnes. | Constance. | Aurilambros. &| Vter.
22v Brie 47; ch. 53 constance, made| monke at win=|chester.
22v Brie 47; ch. 53 A peght sleye|[erasure, illegible] constantyne,| in His chamber| treterouslye, with|a longe kniffe.
23 Brie 47; ch. 54 Constance refused| the Habytt of a|monke. and made| kinge, by councell| of wortiger, who| put Him in truste| in all thinges for|Him.
23 Brie 48; ch. 54 And by this| trust, the kinge| slaine. by |wortiger means
23 Brie 48; ch. 54 the .C. knightes| vpon wortiger| great promises, |well requited|as, lete take them| and bynde their| Handes beHynd them| & so brought to london, | & dampned. And then the| people let wortiger be| made kinge.
23v Brie 49; ch. 55 of Constantyne| ii. sonnes.
23v Brie 50; ch. 56 ii. princes -| Engeste. &| Horne.
24 Brie 51; ch. 56 kinge wortiger| graunted vnto| Engeste, so muche| grounde, as He| might compas with a| thowong, to build| a faire castle, |which called thowong| castle. made| of a bulles skynne.
24 Brie 51; ch. 57 king wortiger| interteined at| thowonge castle.
24; into lower margin Brie 52; ch. 57 Cuppe firste| begunne in| Inglande, by| Ronnewen, who saluted| the kinge, with the saide| cuppe, being then full of| Ayle.
24v Brie 52; ch. 57 king wortiger;| did giue vnto| Engest, the| countre of kente.
24v Brie 52; ch. 57 And wedded Engest|daughter Ronnewen/
24v Brie 52; ch. 58 Engest of great| power in kente, | that men wist| not, who were| His menne, from| the kinges men.
24v Brie 53; ch. 58 king wortiger Had| with His wyfe Ronne=|wen, 3. sonnes. |1. Vortimer.| 2. Catagrenne. | 3. passent.
24v Brie 53; ch. 58 vortimer made| kinge.
24v Brie 53; ch. 58 3. battailes.
24v Brie 53; ch. 58 Categrenne, &| Horne, either of| them slew, thother [sic].
25 Brie 53; ch. 58 vortymer poysoned| the .4. yere of His| reigne, & lyeth at| london.
25 Brie 53; ch. 59 wortiger| made kinge| againe.
25 Brie 54; ch. 59 great stryffe| betwixt wortiger|& His father in law| Engest.
25 Brie 54; ch. 59 vnder colour of| accordemente| Engest, C. men. | killed, C . brittaines
25 Brie 55; ch. 59 Engest caste| downe chruches [sic]| & distroyed Houses| of religion . &c. |& cristendome through=|out lande.
25v Brie 55; ch. 59 Engest chaunged| this name britaine/| & called it Ingland. | or engests londe.
25v Brie 55; ch. 59 and parted the lande|amonge His men. | and made .7. kinges| in the lande.
25v Brie 55; ch. 59 [counts the seven kingdoms with Arabic numerals as they appear in text]
37v Brie 95; ch. 96 1o kinge in kent:| 2o. kinge in sussex. | 3o. kinge in weste sexxe| 4o. kinge in estsex |5o. kinge in northumberland. |6o. kinge in Estangle by|bid [sic bydid?] northfolke, & suffolke. | 7o . kinge of marchenereche. | 8o. king of þe erledome of| lincolne, huntindone, | herdford, glouchester, | winchester, warwyk,| & derbye.
37v; lower margin Brie 96; ch. 96 thes kinges wared one vpon other; | and were panyms more þen xl. yeres. | till the time of St. gregorie of Rome.
38 Brie 96; ch. 96 (comment refers to content of Brie 37-38; ch. 44 [ch. 46 in the MS]) before it, howe| king lucy, first| christned in Inglad [sic]| anno domini/ 156.o
38; upper margin Brie 96; ch. 96 (comment refers to content of Brie 37-38; ch. 44 (ch. 46 in the MS]) Elentheurius pope sent ii: [11] lagates in to this realme|of Ingland to christine or baptise as in xlvi chap[ter]:|& made ii. bushopes. & preistes to minister sacrements:
38 Brie 96; ch. 96 < how yngland |was converted |by sent Austine [written by Hand-1530]> anno domini/ 500 87.
38 Brie 97; ch. 96 at þe praier of|Austen, children| hade tailes
38 Brie 97; ch. 96 pope Gregorye| made Austen| primate Archbush[op ?]| of all Inglande.
38 Brie 97; ch. 97 Austen, made iio| bushoppes, on of| london, an other of|Rochester.
87 Brie 247; ch. 212 kinge Edwarde .3.o| crowned at westminster| the next sondaye after| the puryfycation of| of our lady: the yeare| of oer lorde [cancellation, illegible] .1326.
87 Brie 247; ch. 212 In this kinges Reigne|was the onely staple| for leather, leade, & wooll.
87 Brie 247; ch. 212 Then 50. churches| there. but nowe| this yeare: 1623. | onely .15. churches. | one of them A brave |cathedrall church. | scarsely the like| in this lande; |And bears the blessed| virgins maries| name.
87 Brie 247; ch. 212 the towne thoughe|Auncient. throughe| warres; & tyme: desard [?] and Riuna=|ted [?].
89 Brie 254; ch. 216 Philipe daughter to| Erle of [cancellation] |Henauud: spoused| to king Edwarde at yorke.

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