Terence. Comoediae sex cum argumentis. 1462.

Rauner Manuscript Codex 001999.

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About the Manuscript

94 leaves, (36 lines) ; 27 cm.

Manuscript written in Ferrara in a humanistic minuscule script, with readings and stage directions in red, and initials in red and blue. The first page of text has a "white-vine" border, an illuminated capital and a coat-or-arms supported by putti in gold and colors; six illuminated capitals throughout the text. Contemporary marginal commentaries, and notes indicating different readings.

This manuscript, produced in 1462, is a copy of the plays of Terence, who lived in the second century BCE.

About Terence

Terence was a Roman playwright known for his six comedies (Comoediae sex). He lived from ca. 190 BCE to 159 BCE.

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