Letter from Leonard Rieser, Jr., Dartmouth College, to Robert Oppenheimer, Princeton University, 11 February 1959

oppenheimer letter, 1958February 11, 1959

Dr. J.R. Oppenheimer
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Dr. Oppenheimer:

           I wrote to you on November 4 concerning your prospective visit to Dartmouth during the first week in March. It is my understanding that you will be giving a lecture Thursday evening, March 5. In my letter I asked whether you would be willing to speak informally on a physical topic to the faculty and advanced students in the department. In the absense (sic) of any word from you I am writing again in hope that you will agree to this.

           I look forward to meeting you again and shall await word regarding the above.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard M. Rieser, Jr.

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Text and image reproduced here with permission from the papers of J. Robert Oppenheimer, held in the manuscript division of the Library of Congress.