Locating Materials

If you are having trouble finding what you want, just ask! Staff at the service desks in each library can help you interpret the Library Catalog and show you where an item is shelved. If an item is checked out to another user, staff can help you request a recall or hold. Sometimes an item is misplaced; staff can initiate a thorough search and notify you if it is found.


Determine the location and call number of a book from the Dartmouth Library Catalog (this link will open in a new browser window.)

Here is an example of a catalog record for a book:

example of a record in the catalog

  • The Locations section tells in what library the book is shelved. The book above is at both the Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library and the Dana Biomedical Library. For more about Location, click here.
  • The status is listed under the library location and states the items availability and where specifically it can be found in the Library.
  • The call number is the last set of characters after the semicolon, and gives a specific shelf location using the Library of Congress classification system. For more about Call Numbers, click here.


Journals in Digital Format
Many journals are available to Dartmouth and DHMC users in digital format - sometimes called "online journals" or "ejournals." Links to these may be found in the Library Catalog or on the Biomedical Libraries' eJournals list . Here is an example of a digital journal in the catalog:

example catalog record

In many cases, as above, access is available from more than one source. Often only selected years are available from each source; dates available are indicated. Click on one of the links to access the journal.

Journals in Print
Print journals in the Biomedical Libraries have a call number of "Serial." Here is an example of a catalog record for a print journal:

example catalog record

  • The Location column indicates the library that houses the journal.
  • The Call No. column shows the years and volumes available.
  • Generally, the first few lines under Call No. show the range of volumes in the library or libraries; for some titles this information appears a little higher on the page, between the horizontal lines.
  • In this case, Matthews Fuller has 1996 to 2003 and earlier volumes are at the DLD (Dartmouth Library Depository).
  • Matthews-Fuller's journal volumes are in the room farthest to the left as you enter the library. They are shelved alphabetically by title, and then chronologically by volume number.
  • Journal volumes at the DLD or Storage may be requested for delivery to any Dartmouth library. Use the Request Item button near the top of the catalog. For instructions, click here.
  • Copies of articles may be requested through DartDoc. For instructions, click here.


Videos, DVDs, Sound Recordings, Computer Software, and other Media

Dana Biomedical Library
Most non-print material, such as DVDs, videos, slides, and computer software, is shelved offsite. Use the Request Item button near the top of the catalog page to ask for the book to be delivered to any Dartmouth library for pickup. For instructions, click here.

This material is indicated in the Library Catalog with a location of Dana Media followed by the type of media, such as Dana Media DVD or Dana Media Slide.

Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library
Most videos, DVDs, and other non-print items are shelved near the books in Matthews-Fuller. They are grouped by media type and shelved according to Library of Congress classification system call numbers.

The material is indicated in the Library Catalog with a location of Matthews Fuller, or an abbreviated version Matt/Ful, followed by the type of media such as Matthews Fuller DVD or Matthews Fuller CD-ROM.

Some material has a location of Matt/Ful ConsumH followed by the media type. These items are shelved in the Consumer Health Collection in shelves under the windows in front of the service desk.