Requesting Articles with Ovid and DartDoc

Ovid users may link to full-text or request copies of articles directly from the results of their searches.

If you see a PDF link below the citation, click and you’ll go directly to the pdf version of the article. You also may see a link labeled “Ovid Full Text” to the right of the citation; click to go to the full text of the article:

ovid full text

If no link to a pdf or “Ovid Full Text” appears, then click on “Get Full Text” to the right of the citation:

ovid full text

A new browser window (or tab) will open:

full-text screen

If available, you will be able to link directly to the full-text of the article by clicking on the “Full Text” link. You may be presented with more than one option; any of them should work. If the Libraries have not licensed a version of the journal which is available for linking, no full-text options will appear.

If you can’t access the full-text of the article from this screen, then you may request a copy of the article by clicking on the blue "Submit DARTDOC Request" link under "Additional Options." A third browser window (or tab) will open:

-> If you are already a registered DartDoc user, enter your DartDoc Username and Password and click on “Logon to DartDoc.” See below for instructions for new DartDoc users.

Next you will see a DartDoc article request form with the article information already filled in. Make changes, if appropriate, and click on "Submit Request" at the bottom of the form:

You will next see the DartDoc main page . In the light blue bar at the top of the page will be a Transaction Number which may be used in DartDoc to check on the progress of your request:

If you want to make additional requests, close the DartDoc browser window/tab and the window/tab showing your Dartmouth full text options (labeled “Serials Solutions Article Linker”). Return to your Ovid search window/tab and click on the “Search” tab in the blue bar to return to the results display:

From your results list, pick another citation by clicking on “Get Full Text” and continue as above until you are done making requests.

After your last request, be sure to logout of DartDoc by clicking on the “Exit DartDoc” link in the DartDoc browser window/tab and close the window/tab so that another user doesn’t have access to your DartDoc account. If you are done searching in Ovid, return to your Ovid search and click on “Logoff” at the upper right in order to free a seat for a colleague.


-> If you haven’t already registered for DartDoc, click on “First Time Users.”

Next you will see the DartDoc home page:

Click on the appropriate “Register” link depending on what kind of user you are. After filling out and submitting the registration form for DartDoc, return to the "Serials Solutions Article Linker" browser window/tab, click on "Submit DARTDOC Request," and login with your newly created DartDoc name and password and continue as above.