Lost and Found Items - Dana Library

Have you lost something in the library?


Small personal electronics including iPods, cell phones, chargers, cables, calculators, or other valuable items such as watches, jewelry, wallets and purses, identification cards:

  • Held at the Circulation Desk
  • Unclaimed items are turned in to the Safety and Security office weekly.


  • Held for about one day behind the Circulation Desk.
  • Unclaimed computers are turned in to Safety and Security as soon as possible after one day.

Clothing, books, notebooks, food and drink containers, umbrellas and other non-valuable personal items:

  • Held in the public Lost and Found bin by the west windows facing the Circulation Desk
  • Remain in the bin until claimed or taken to Safety and Security Office
  • Taken to Safety and Security at the end of each academic term

Please contact the Circulation Desk if you have questions regarding lost items:

  • Dana Circulation Desk: 603-646-0516
  • Information Services Manager: 603-646-0536
  • Dartmouth College Safety and Security: 603-646-4000


The Library assumes no responsibility for any lost items, but will take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the safety of found items until claimed or relinquished to Safety and Security.