Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library After-Hours

Geisel Medical, TDI, and Graduate Students, and DHMC Lebanon Residents & Fellows are automatically granted 24 hour access. Others may apply for this extended access. You must be affiliated with Dartmouth College and/or DHMC Lebanon, and have a DHMC ID badge to be eligible. Please use this form to request access.  


NOTE: Inappropriate use of the library or abuse of these guidelines can result in the loss of library after-hours access privileges.

  • After hours access is restricted to the user groups described above. Sharing DHMC IDs with others, giving access to those who have not been approved, or propping the library door open may result in loss of after-hours access privileges.
  • Users are expected to abide by all library policies. After hours users who do not adhere to these policies may lose after-hours access privileges.

Have more questions?  Please email us or call 603-650-7658.